16 October 2012 Minutes

From Jonghee:

1. Kurt -- All EB node (475MB/s on a single node run: AMD) slower than other FR (Intel) nodes -- known issue
2. Boris: Trigger design proposed
3. Marc: (see his note)
- artdaq installed and available -- no experiment specific code
- Huffman compression -- if pedestal keeps changing what else?
- for a while we do not want spend time for compressing module (Stephen)
- example data file from which 14-bit compression tree needed

Alessandro coming here at Nov 5th.

4. assigning tasks
JimK, Jurt -- task lists of artdaq/art
until 5th Nov?
- Shipping target date: 19th of Nov (before the Thanksgivings)
- One more FR need to be ordered
- Establish one can talk to the machines from and to LNGS
- Test readout on Boris' test computer
before we ship the machines
- DAQ test setup at LCC (unattended operation issue?)
VME crate with 1720 + 2718 + 3818 etc .. ?
end milestone : by the end of the year (16DEC2012) mechanically at LNGS
up and running by the end of FEB2013
(completion of TPC commissioning Mar2013)