How to run the production DAQ system
How to run the system at the FNAL WH14NE teststand
Procedure for upgrading to / rolling back from OFED 3.5
How to set up for ds50daq development on dsfr6-wh14
How to log into dsfr5 and dseb7 at LNGS (And the DAQ cluster nodes)
How to access git from dsfr6 or dseb8
How to use ipmi
How to use xpra

How to start a demo system for System Control testing
How to run MxN ds50daq systems with Sim input
How to run a demo artdaq system on dsfr6-wh14
How to run the "driver" program on dsfr6-wh14
How to send sample xmlrpc commands to boardreader, eventbuilder, and aggregator processes

Guidelines for ds50daq software development



The CETBuildTools user guide and other useful notes are available on the cet-is-public wiki

Sample event dump

ds50daq release notes

Plans and notes on work done

Meeting notes

Software design - 07 Nov 2012
Software design - 06 Nov 2012
23 October 2012
16 October 2012 Minutes
16 October 2012 (Status of Software - Marc Paterno)

Discussion of supported external interactions

Requests, issues, and questions

  • provide gdb as a product
To-do (no particular order):
  1. look into further reducing the time that it takes to create Fragment objects (and other bottlenecks) in V172xDriver_generator
  2. write up instructions for using Totalview on the teststand nodes
  3. include database storage hooks for MF messages
  4. look into handling multiple DS50FragmentGenerators in one BoardReaderApp (the underlying issue is that both a 1495 trigger card and a TPC TDC card will be read out over the same fiber [since they will live in the same VME crate])
  5. parallel NFS4 over Infiniband?
  6. provide online DQM text to Alessandro
  7. modify the EventBuilderApp so that the EventStore (and associated artapp) is created only once and the application complains if any new initialization strings request a reconfiguration of the EventStore or artapp

Software development milestones (obsolete)

January 15, 2013
  • Core boardreader, eventbuilder, and aggregator application infrastructure
  • Process management tool
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • System testing at Fermilab
February 15, 2013
  • Aggregator functionality
  • Global file system (or equivalent) and 10 Gb/s connection to analysis cluster
  • Installation at LNGS
March 15, 2013
  • Distributed message logging
  • DAQ monitoring and statistics
  • Providing events to online monitors
April 15, 2013
  • Assistance with running and developing art modules
  • Deployment and configuration of the File Transfer System
  • Commissioning and start of data taking

Initial development milestones

  1. start a demo system with an initial version of PMT
  2. drive a dummy demo system through expected state transitions using a crude system control script
  3. generate fake data in multiple boardreaders and build full events in multiple eventbuilders
    • part of this will be defining the configuration data for making the MPI connections
  4. add eventbuilder disk writing to the fake data demo system
  5. upgrade the fake data system to read out real hardware