TaskList (DoSSier related Tasks:)

  1. Infrastructure/ central services:
    1. evaluate/implement saml/shibboleth single sign on infrastructure.
    2. evaluate if we can run on tomcat so we can move to central web services once available.
    3. make database available to developers in general. Currently we provide dump of schema and db in gitlab but that solution doesn't scale. Synchronization/backup will become more important.
  2. web service (DoSSiER_WS):
    1. combine web service web application.
    2. define a API and allow for:
      1. upload
      2. access to dictionaries--> allow programmatic builds of look up tables.
      3. support for different formats besides json/xml and extended json/xml
      4. searches
  3. web application (DoSSiER):
    1. fix selection menus / plotting.
    2. improve look and feel and navigation.
    3. implementing:
      1. combine display of tables and graphs, data exports.
      2. overlay simulated data and experiment.
      3. searches by e.g. target, beam, observable.--> use of tag clouds.
      4. sort (e.g. references) by different criteria e.g. date, author, key words... * staged and moderated deletes
    4. general clean up speed up of code, correct use of scope everywhere? test speed memory food print etc.. Investigate tool to create load.
    5. upload: implement more consistency checks during the upload phase to avoid upload of corrupted data.
    6. replace Google charts e.g. by flot or canvasXpress
    7. implement staged delete
    8. implement slide show/release highlights.
    9. try out plots with meta data (currently not used at all)
    10. provide more functionality to the expert to add, update dictionaries--> prevent duplicates.
  4. User documentation:
    1. add user specific section to twiki --> on-board G4 Experts, GENIE (Julia), GeantV(Soon).
    2. provide templates for various tests.
    3. provide web based template editor?
  5. Data Base development and maintenance:
    1. check correctness and consistency of current database --> distribute once happy with status.
    2. import more experimental data TARC, HARP, SHINE, GENIE. Import simulated data from G4WebAppNG?
  6. Organization:
    1. We need a way of tracking and coordinating progress. Make sure that whoever works on Validation related topics (inluding ancillary tools, C++ api) is accountable and reports on plans and progress. One possibility would be to make the physics list and validation group meeting more frequent (monthly) and ask for progress reports by all involved. Will Discuss with Gunther. (Do we need more formal agreement with collaboration, list of deliverables?)
  7. miscellaneous:
    1. ICHEP (CHEP) proceedings.


  • by October 14
    • complete tasks: 3.1, 5.1.
    • Deploy new version of database on the development db server.
    • Deploy new versions of DoSSiER and DoSSiER_WS on the development web server.
    • Store dump of fixed db in gitlab and send mail to other developers.
    • Talk to Gunter concerning 6.1.
  • before thanksgiving holidays
    • Finish 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.3, 3.3.4, 3.10, 3.7
    • get started on 4.1,4.2 work with developers to add their data to the db.
    • complete 7.1.
  • start begin of December
    • review of C++ API.