Tag Release Notes

v01_00_00 (svn rev r78)

Initial release
  • dk2nu.h = DK2NUVER 8
  • dkmeta.h = DKMETAVER 6

v01_01_00 (svn rev r81)

  • change ROOT Branch split level 1 → 99 in scripts/examples/test_fill_dk2nu.C
  • add dummyloc arg so the ordering of args matches convert_flugg.C

v01_01_02 (svn rev r89)

  • changes to locations.txt
  • small changes to README and formatting

v01_01_03 (svn rev r93)

  • change to LBNE NearDet, NOvA NearDet locations

v01_02_00 (svn rev r107)

  • dk2nu.h = DK2NUVER 8 → 10
    • addition of parIndex variable (retaining pprodpxyz)
  • major adjustments supporting GENIE R-2_9_0 and beyond (but still compatible with R-2_8_6)
    • GFluxDriverFactory registration
    • GFluxExposureI interface
    • GFluxFileConfigI interface
  • support for alt XML file via $GDK2NUFLUXXML
  • more adjustments to LBNE NearDet (45900 → 57400)
  • support for filling ancestor info from FLUGG/FLUKA files

v01_03_00 (svn rev r110)

  • updates to NOvA entries in etc/NuMIlocations.txt
  • changes for GENIE R-2_10_4
    • should be compatible w/ R-2_8_6
    • but may not be with R-2_9_0 to R-2_10_2

v01_04_00 (svn rev r112)

  • allow GENIE R-2_10_4+ gevgen_fnal to record flux info in ghep.root file

v01_04_01 (svn rev r114)

  • improved ROOT6 dictionary generation

v01_05_00 (svn rev r122)

  • yet another stab at ROOT6 dictionary generation
  • control of weight bumping
  • call out if fNuFluxTree has no files"

v01_05_01 (svn rev r127)

  • much revision of CMakeLists.txt
  • this time ROOT6 dictionaries are really right
    • no fooling; really ... thorough testing honest

v01_06_00 (svn rev r131)

  • allow separate builds for tree & genie sub parts
    • this allows nutools to depend on GENIE but nusimdata to only depend on dk2nu/tree
  • use -inlineInputHeader for dictionary generation w/ ROOT 6

v01_06_01 (svn rev r133)

  • use -inlineInputHeader for dictionary generation w/ ROOT 6 for genie lib as well as tree (data)

v01_07_00 (svn rev r135)

  • adjustments on genie side to allow builds w/ old GENIE and new reorganized GENIE R-3_X_Y
    • CMakeList.txt file determines GENIE version, optionally sets -DGENIE_PRE_R3 to select header paths
  • if art is in the environment, then fully pre-link to libraries (alleviate need for Lynn's "patch")

v01_07_01 (svn rev r138)

  • expand dk2nu::Decay::AsString()
  • whitespace cleanup

v01_07_02 (svn rev r140)

  • don't rely on "using namespace std;" for string in GDk2NuFlux

v01_08_00 (svn rev r146)

  • don't apply mu- decay in flight spin/polarization correction to mu- capture (wrong kinematics)
  • update masses
  • handle neutron decay like others
  • remove assert() calls
  • add enum for mu- capture (vs. mu decay in flight)"