The old product area was /fnal/ups/products. This product area is no longer in use, although the new system admins may use /fnal/ups for their own purposes.

New relocatable products are in /products
This volume is owned by the products account.
The home directory of the products account is /home/products.
There is also /local/prj1/products, which is desigated scratch space.

To install products:
  • login as products
  • cd scratch
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 canvas_product_stack-v2_00_01 e14 debug
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 canvas_product_stack-v2_00_01 e14 prof
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 geant4-v4_10_2_p03a e14 debug
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 geant4-v4_10_2_p03a e14 prof
To get root v5_34_32:
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 art_product_stack-v1_17_07 e9 prof
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 art_product_stack-v1_17_07 e9 debug
And a geant4 with the matching clhep v2_2_0_8:
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 geant4-v4_10_1_p03 e9 debug
  • ~/tools/pullProducts -r /products slf6 geant4-v4_10_1_p03 e9 prof

Getting other products

Newer releases of both root and geant4 are available on SciSoft. The easiest way to make sure that you get a matching build of root and geant4 is to use the mu distribution from SciSoft. Please contact the SciSoft team () with any questions.

Adding users

Get the uid and gid lists with obtain on either oink or woof.

  • /usr/sbin/groupadd -g <gid> <groupname>
  • /usr/sbin/useradd -n -p x -u <uid> -g <groupname> -c "Full Name" -d <homedirectory>/<username> <username>
  • chmod og+rx <homedirectory>/<username>
  • pwconv
  • /usr/sbin/useradd -n -p x -u 7899 -g epp -c "Jesse Andrew Green" -d /sim1/home2/misc1/agreen agreen
  • /usr/sbin/useradd -n -p x -u 49104 -g 5439 -c "Miguelangel Marchan" -d /sim1/home2/misc1/marchan marchan

Active Users

Users who have logged in since May 22, 2018.

Users to keep:
agreen Jesse Andrew Green /sim1/home2/misc1/agreen
lipton Ron Lipton /sim1/home2/misc1/lipton
para Adam Para /sim1/home2/ilc/para
rprokop Richard Prokop /sim1/home2/misc1/rprokop
utes Michael Utes /sim1/home2/misc1/utes
vglasser V Glasser /sim1/home2/misc1/vglasser
Users to drop:
difalco Stefano Di Falco /sim1/home2/mu2e/difalco old mu2e user
gandr Andrei Gaponenko /sim1/home2/mu2e/gandr old mu2e user
garren Lynn Garren /sim1/home2/sim2/garren administrator
hedin David Hedin /sim1/home2/mu2e/hedin old mu2e user
kutschke Rob Kutschke /sim1/home2/sim2/kutschke old mu2e user
simona Simona Giovannella /sim1/home2/mu2e/simona old mu2e user
wenzel Hans-Joachim Wenzel /sim1/home2/ilc/wenzel administrator
Users to check and probably keep:
teren Nikolai Terentiev /sim1/home2/ilc/teren

Currently mounted volumes

Local Volumes

/dev/sda1 48G 3.8G 42G 9% /
/dev/sda3 131G 26G 99G 21% /products (local products from SciSoft)
/dev/sdb2 568G 305G 234G 57% /local/prj1 (local scratch)
/dev/sdb1 568G 16G 523G 3% /local/prj2 (cvmfs cache and local backups of /root and /etc)
/dev/sdb3 670G 583G 53G 92% /local/prj3 (local scratch)


cvmfs access is available on


pnfs-stken:/gendetrd 1.0E 39P 986P 4% /pnfs/gendetrd

bluearc 350G 323G 28G 93% /sim1 300G 37G 264G 13% /sim2 300G 122G 179G 41% /prj/d1 300G 197G 104G 66% /prj/d3 300G 88G 213G 30% /prj/d5 5.0T 2.7T 2.4T 54% /ilc/ild 5.0T 4.9T 151G 98% /ilc/sid 4.5T 4.3T 302G 94% /grid/fermiapp 200G 13G 188G 7% /grid/data 4.0T 3.4T 680G 84% /det_rd_daq 4.0T 3.4T 680G 84% /det_rd_results

Requested items

eclipse was installed
These users were added to the epp group: epp:-:1535:vglasser,agreen,utes,lipton,rprokop