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SVN Access

To Access the DESpec SVN, you need:
  • a services account
  • to be a member of the subprojects of DESpec
  • a kerberos ticket
  • a svn client

Recommended SVN Clients

Services Account at Fermilab

How to get a services account:

Member of the Subprojects

If you would like to have write access, email Brian or Laurenz, so we can add you to the DESpec project. If you don't need write access, look at the section Anonymous SVN.


How to set up kerberos

$ mv /etc/krb5.conf /etc/krb5.conf.bak
$ cd /etc
$ wget
$ echo "host
   ForwardX11 = no
   GSSAPIAuthentication yes
   GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes" >> ~/.ssh/config
$ kinit -f your-fnal-username
$ klist

The final klist should show your kerberos ticket and the svn can be checked out now using the svn checkout command below.

Links with further documentation

SVN Intro


One need not supply a URL for commit. SVN automatically contacts external server

svn commit -m "your message"  

SVN Checkout

Source Code

svn checkout svn+ssh:// despec


svn checkout svn+ssh:// data


svn checkout svn+ssh:// paper

This will create a directory called despec containing a checkout the complete pipeline.

Anonymous SVN

svn export despec

Run the Code

Instructions on how to run the pipeline: Run_Pipeline

Creating a sub-project repository


  • If you have a project "fred" and a "main" repository with no identifier
    you get put in
    • /cvs/projects/fred
  • if you have a project fred and a repository identifier of "joe" you get
    • /cvs/projects/fred-joe
  • So you can do give them all identifiers, or have one (main) one without;
    or you can give the Main one an identifier...
  • If there is no "Main" repository, the Repository tab doesn't show up,

Also see for Subversion