Meeting Zurich (2013)

Wednesday: Jan 16

  • Adam, Ben, Brian went through pipeline module-by-module to see how each will exchange data in more detail
  • pictures of work attached here.

Thursday: Jan 17

  • Todo:
    1. discuss papers
    2. refine overview of pipeline
  • Ben, Steph, Brian chatted and made progress on targetting code; being re-written by Ben
  • Alex, Adam, Brian talked about the overall pipeline, went deeper into how to separate modules into sub-modules, more detail about additions that will be needed; also talked about paper formats

Friday, Jan 18

  • Todo:
    1. add remaining code to repository
    2. add Documents to repository
    3. write converter: from text file to h5 file for main parameter set (Ben, Laurenz)
    4. install HDF5 and pytables on individual machines

Saturday, Jan 19

  • Todo:
    1. make initial data param files (Brian)
    2. start paper outline (Brian)

Sunday, Jan 20

  • Todo:
    1. upload pictures from Wed, Thurs (Brian)
    2. add references to papers page
    3. make image of data transfer part of pipeline (Brian): also make throughput an input to targeting module
    4. send update and mini-plan
    5. do some homework
      1. modify locations of multiple-code versions

Monday, January 21

  • Todo:
    1. modify main input galaxy file converter still need zCosmos info
    2. Discuss paper scope; make initial draft
    3. plan longer-term work

Tuesday, January 22

  • Todo:
    1. modify repos for paper
    2. modify repos for data
    3. upload paper to repository
    4. upload image of data transfer diagram
    5. modify permissions (requested: not possible at this time; will need to make new private subproj with repository)
    6. need tutorial from laurenz about how glue and data are arranged

Wednesday, January 23

  • Todo:
    1. add API to codes (Ben)
    2. add documentation for speczcalc to repos

Thursday, January 24

  • Todo:
    1. edit diagram
    2. draw flow of backend of glue and data.
    3. talk about QA take down notes from the meeting; write up the plan.
    4. get interesting parts from specz carlos be did this
    5. do specz code (Ben working)
    6. make slides to describe the work
  • maybe todo
    1. modify locations of multiple-code versions
    2. make readme that says which file level is which piece of code
    3. edit paper
    4. get images off camera
    5. upload images to wiki

Friday, January 25

  • Todo:
    1. directions for adding a new module : part of process (move data files to proper directory when the module is ready to be used.) assigned
    2. convert last piece of addnoise code
    3. edit paper
    4. do spec-z code
    5. obtain references: MUSE simulation; Dan Masters' SpecPro