Y6 reverberation mapping program


Broadband imaging of the SN fields to provide lightcurves to complement the ongoing spectroscopic monitoring of AGN being done by OzDES. The OzDES collaboration has nights allocated for this by the CTIO TAC so they are entitled to coverage even if the weather is always good.


There is one JSON observing script for each SN field. Observers can put them on the queue when conditions described below are met. Each script contains 10 minutes of observations.

The reverberation scripts can be found in


with names like: reverb_SN-C1.json


Info from Paul Martini, 5 Sep 2018:

These are the windows of time surrounding scheduled AAT observations:

AAT1 by Sept 11 (AAT nights Sept 3-6)
AAT2 Sept 29 to Oct 13 (AAT nights Oct 6-8)
AAT3 Oct 31 to Nov 14 (AAT nights Nov 7-9)
AAT4 Nov 24 to Dec 8 (AAT nights Dec 1-3)

In the first half of each of these windows, run the scripts if conditions are too poor for the Wide survey, in that >1/2 of the exposures are coming up at seeing > 1.5". But meet these conditions:
  • Moon should be sufficiently restricted by these dates
  • Seeing better than 2.5"
  • Modest cloud cover okay (same as DES probably okay)

Link to which shows the RM fields

In the second half of the above time windows, we should go ahead and take observations of each SN field in good conditions in the case that they have not already been obtained in poor conditions. In other words they will take priority over the wide survey, until we have obtained 1 run on each supernova field to accompany the AAT run.

Outside of these windows, we will need to discuss the prioritization of this project relative to the others.