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DECam Operations

This wiki provides information, instructions and manuals for DECam operations. Most pages are relevant for all DECam observers while a few provide more detailed instructions more suitable for experts and some are really aimed at DES Observers.

Policy on Skyflats (Don't Do Them)

Information for Observers

  • "Introduction to DECam (docDB access required)":
  • "DECam Observing Manual":
  • "SISPI Observer Guide":
  • Troubleshooting
  • SISPI Operations (User and GUI accounts)
  • "Expert Call List":
  • "ScriptsEditor Manual":
  • "Focal Plane Numbering Schemes":
    • "Focal Plane Layout and CCD Numbers":
    • "CCDs in the Imager (docDB access required)":
  • Telemetry Viewer Users Guide
  • "Explanation of SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots":
  • Introduction to kentools
  • Quick Reduce
    • "QuickReduce Live":
    • "QR Description and Startup":
  • DES SN Fields
  • "Guider Manual":
  • "Telescope Horizon Limits":
  • Using AOS (Adaptive Optics System)
  • "Comfort Display":

Standard Observing Procedures

Current Configuration, Constants and Calibration Scripts

Some Instructions for DES SV Shifters can be found at links listed here.

DECam Electronic Log Book and Night Summaries

  • "DECam ELog is visible at CTIO, FNAL, or with VPN ":
  • "Instruction for using the ELog (docDB access required)":
  • "View night summaries":
  • "Introduction to the Night Summaries including how to generate them":
  • "CTIO Night Summary":

DES Shift Schedule

RASICAM, Tololo Environmental Data and Weather

  • "RASICAM Information":
  • "RASICAM Nightly Movies on YouTube":
  • "Tololo Site Environmental Web Page":
  • "Cerro Tololo Allsky Camera":
  • "Satellite Weather Maps":
  • "GPSMon":
  • "Tololo Sky Conditions":
  • "Most Recent IR Weather Map":
  • "La Serena Weather Forecast":
  • "Overlapping List":
  • "CTIO External Webcam":

Information for Experts and Run Managers