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h1. DES Operations

This wiki provides information, instructions and manuals for DES operations.

h2. [[skyflatpolicy| Policy on Skyflats (*+Never+* Do Them)]]

h2. Information for Observers

* "Introduction to DECam (docDB access required)":
* "CTIO DECam User Guide":
* [[TroubleshootingForObservers|Troubleshooting]]
** [[NonCrit|Troubleshooting a non-critical problem]]
* [[SISPIOps| SISPI Operations (User and GUI accounts)]]
* "Expert Call List":
** [[Emergency Cell Phone]]
** [[Skype]]
* "CTIO Telops Staff gallery":
* "ScriptsEditor Manual":
* [[FocalPlaneNumbers|Focal Plane Numbering Schemes]]
** "Focal Plane Layout and CCD Numbers":
** "CCDs in the Imager (docDB access required)":
* [[Telemetry Viewer Users Guide]]
* "Explanation of SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots":
* [[Introduction to kentools]]
* [[Introduction to godb]]
* [[Introduction to pointing]]
* Quick Reduce
** "QuickReduce Live":
** "QR Description and Startup":
* "DES SN Field Locations":
* [[SNFindingCharts| DES SN Field Charts ]]
* "Guider Manual":
* "Telescope Horizon Limits":
* [[Using AOS (Adaptive Optics System)]]
* [[ComfortDisplay|Comfort Display]]
* [[Looking for occluded donuts]]

* [[Bragging rights (i.e., seeing records, etc.)]]
* [[Tips from DES Observers]]
* [[Practical hints for DES observers]]
* [[4pm meeting | 4 o'clock meeting]]

h2. Standard Observing Procedures

* [[Overview of Daily Playbook]] (*Everybody Read this first*)

* Observer1: SISPI Driver
** [[ObserverSetup|Observer Setup Guide]]
** [[Afternoon Checklist (Dome Closed)]]
** [[Start of Observing Checklist (Dome Open)]]
** [[Using obstac]]
** [[GPSMonitor|GPS Monitor Task 10 minutes after 00:00 UTC]]
** [[ATmCamInfo|aTmCam Check (after enabling ObsTac for the night)]]
** [[GPSMonitor|GPS Monitor Task 15 minutes after Midnight local time]]
** [[End of Night Checklist]] ([[End of Half-Night Checklist]])

* Observer2: data, data quality, and watching the survey go
** [[Suggested AstroChair window setup|Observer2 Setup Guide]]
** [[Observer2 Daily Checklist]]
** [[Data Quality Operations|Observer2's guide to "why?"]]
** [[End of Night Checklist]]
** For experts:
*** "How to query the Quick Reduce Database":
**** [[Query all data]]
**** [[All main survey data]]
*** "Working with the SISPI database":
*** [[DQ Assessments| How to Check DQ Assessments from within DESDM operations database (from R. Gruendl)]]
*** [[When were the SN fields last observed?]]
*** [[Active Optics| What does the active optics monitoring describe?]]

* Run Manager
** "The run manager job description":
** "Run Manager Tools and Quick Links"://
** [[Daily check list]]

h2. [[sispiConfiguration|Current Configuration, Constants and Calibration Scripts]]

Some Instructions for DES SV Shifters can be found at links listed here.

* [[SispiConfiguration|Current Configuration, Constants and Calibration Scripts]]
* [[Windscreens|Wind Blinds]]
* [[Standard_Star_Instructions|Standard Stars]]
* [[StandardScripts|Standard DES Scripts]]
* [[Zeropoints|Telescope Zeropoint Procedures]]

* [[Special u-Band SN field observations]]

h2. DECam Electronic Log Book and Night Summaries

* "DECam ELog is visible at CTIO, FNAL, or with (CTIO) VPN ":
* "How to access the ELog from your home or university":
* "Instruction for using the ELog (docDB access required)":
* "View DES Night Summaries":
* "Introduction to the DES Night Summaries including how to generate them":
* [[CTIONightsum|Generate CTIO Night Summary]]
* "CTIO Night Summary Calendar":
* "Insert Data Quality results into database":

h2. [[Log of Configuration Changes]]

Dates of changes to telescope, camera, procedures, and software.

h2. DES Shift Schedule

* [[DESObservers|Scheduling]]

* "SV Observing"://
* [[DESShiftsYr1|Zeroth Season]]
* [[DESShiftsYr2|First Season]]
* [[DESShiftsYr3|Second Season]]
* [[DESShiftsYr4|Third Season]]
* [[DESShiftsYr5|Fourth Season]]

h2. RASICAM, aTmCam, Tololo Environmental Data and Weather

* [[RasicamInfo|RASICAM Information]]
* "RASICAM Nightly Movies on YouTube":
* [[aTmCamInfo|aTmCam Information]]
* "Tololo Site Environmental Web Page":
* [[ChileWeatherModel|Chile Weather Model (new)]]
* "Weather Predictions for CTIO hour-by-hour":
* [[Calsky|Weather Prediction from CalSky]]
* "Cerro Tololo Allsky Camera":
* "Satellite Weather Maps":
* [[GPSMonitor|GPS Monitor]]
* "Tololo Sky Conditions":
* "Most Recent IR Weather Map":
* "La Serena Weather Forecast":
* "Overlapping List":
* "CTIO Webcams Inside and Outside":

h2. Information for Experts and Run Managers

* [[sispiNews|SISPI Daily News]]
* [[decamNews|DECam Daily News (January 25, 2015) - includes some troubleshooting hints]]
* "SISPI Expert Guide":
* [[SISPIOps| SISPI Operations (User and GUI accounts, Start up and Operations)]]
* [[SISPI Database Guide]]
* [[How to query the SISPI Database]]
* [[SISPI ICS Alarms and Telemetry Guide]]
* [[icstelemetry|Restarting the ICS Telemetry Scripts]]
* [[quickreduce|Restarting QuickReduce]]
* [[AOS for experts]]
* [[reboot|Rebooting the Computers]]
* [[obs1dropdown|Recreating the SISPI dropdown in the menu bar on Observer1]]
* [[scripts|Contributed Scripts]]
* [[TOO Usage]]

h2. Some Off-Mountain Operations-Related Working Pages

* [[SACTF16]]

h2. Archive of obsolete pages

** [[Using GuiderPlots and Navigation]] the navigation plot lets you see what obstac is doing tonight