June 25, 2013

Hi People,

This is the list of people whom I think have volunteered to
observe for DES during the upcoming observing season. It is
possible that I missed somebody or accidently added somebody.
Please let me know in either case.

I don't have the observing dates yet, so I can't start trying
to make a schedule. Maybe that will be possible to start in
early June.

Tom Diehl

Stephanie Jouvel
Yuanyuan Zhang
James Etherington
Matt Weisner
Eusebio Sánchez
Nacho Sevilla
Juan García-Bellido
Javier Sánchez
Oliver Coles
Christopher Bonnet
Paul Martini
Erin Sheldon
Andres Plazas
Ting Li
Doug Tucker
Marisa March
Tim Eifler
Maayane Soumagnac
Bo Jayatilaka
Alex Drlica-Wagner
Diego Capozzi
Niall Mccrann
Dave Gerdes
Tomasz Kacprzak
Claudio Bruderer
Lyndsay Old
Carlos Cunha
Kevin Reil
Vinu Vikram
Peter Nugent
Peter Melchior
Gary Bernstein
Klaus Honscheid
Ann Elliott
Mike Schubnell
Phil Rooney
Julian Mayers
Kathy Romer
Bob Nichol
Harry Wilcox
Barnaby Rowe
Lucy Clerkin
Wayne Barkhouse
Chris Smith
Liz Buckley
Alfredo Zenteno
Ramon Miquel
Aurelio Carnero
Jorge Dietrich
Ofer Lahav
Iftach Sadeh
Bhuvnesh Jain
Steve Kent
Brian Nord
Tamara Davis
Chris Lidman
Aaron Roodman
Carles Sanchez
Tim Abbott
Elisabeth Krause
Dave Burke
Steve Kuhlmann
Hal Spinka
Keith Bechtol
Dave Burke
Flavia Sobreira
Allyn Smith
Hope Head
Ross Cawthon
Marcelle SS
Joe Mohr
Rutuparna Das