Using Navigation Plots

OBSOLETE- replaced by ketools' pointing.

These are simple python tools for generating plots.

The Navigation Plots

1. Log into DECamObserver@observer2.
2. cd annis/Navigation
2.5 bash
3. %
4. After the python window starts,:
In [1]: ihData.navigate()

You'll want to rerun the ihData.navigate() command
every so often, to update the airmass lines
and the observed tonight points.

Sept 25, 2014

The navigation plot uses data from Steve Kent's, an
interface to the SISPI database, and his qcInv command
which returns useful goodies. . The
black (actually green) points are good Main Survey data,
everything marked "DES survey hex" in qxInv.
The red dots are
Main Survey data taken tonight. The letters are the SN fields. The contours are lines of constant
airmass. These are calculated for now; re-issuing the command
changes both the airmass and the data taken today.

Navigate plot in SV

How far we've come.

The Guider Plots (Not currently useful- ignore)

1. Log into DECamObserver@observer2.
2. cd annis/GuiderPlots
2.5 bash
3. source ./Guider_Plots
4. After the python window starts (replace 163529 with the current exposure number):
In [1]: plt.clf(); guider.plot(163529)

In order to save a guider plot, hit the "floppy disk" icon
on the Figure 1 window with the guider plot.