Test Cases for Run Managers

Sometimes the procedure didn't anticipate this.

Supernovae versus End-of-Night Standard Stars

It has occasionally happened that a SN sequence scheduled by OBSTAC is going to finish after Standard Stars are scheduled to start. This puts the Run Manager into a case where a judgement call is necessary. Here are some things to consider.
  1. OBSTAC won't have scheduled the SN field unless it could be finished before the end of the night or halfnight.
  2. SN sequences aren't considered "good" unless they are completed during one night. That is, if they aren't finished then we'll be taking the whole sequence from the beginning at the next chance.
  3. Standard Stars are important, too.

Resolution: Usually we expect the Run Manager to let the SN field finish up. We would expect to discuss it at the next 4 PM Meeting. Note that we must end observing at our scheduled time for a) either the safety of the camera or b) in time for the 2nd half night to start on time.

Everything is Dead, Including the Internet and Power

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