Process for Night


Before you get to CTIO

What to bring

  • August:
    • early Spring clothing
  • Hygiene and Food:
    • if you dry easily:
      • eye drops, saline spray (nasal), lotion.
    • Coffee: coordinate with fellow observers if you want decent coffee. a 1-pound bag usually lasts a single run.
    • Lighting: they provide flashlights, but they don't always work

Who are you working with

Daily Life on the Mountain


day of arrival

  1. arrive at CTIO
  2. get dinner
  3. walk or drive up to Blanco [by 6:30 pm]

typical day

Observing with DECam

TelOps does a lot of the preparations now, easing the Observers' jobs. We mostly monitor DECam and interact with Telops to move the telescope.

Check the DECam User Guide:

Chief programs that will be used:

  • SISPI (mostly observer console)
  • Kenttools
  • QR

SISPI Overview

Computers Overview

  • explain Observer1, Observer2 and sispi users here

Observer's tasks for the nights

  • put the playbook here.