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Harry Wilcox, 10/24/2013 05:57 PM


Here, we'll place our comments about edits to the wiki. Please use the table formatting, and simply enter a row like the one you see you here as an example: link to page and a few words about what is wrong.

categories of issues are :
  • Conflict: conflict between two or more pages
  • Incorrect: incorrect information
  • Questionable: questionable information
  • Recommendation: simple recommendation based on current experience
  • Redundance: there is redundant and confusing (not conflicting) information at two or more locations
Link(s) Issue category Issue in detail Reason or Reference for Change Who made this comment Questionable Photometric standards should be done after Obstac is started My personal previous experience; discussion with Alistair Walker Nord Questionable Is out-of-focus at end of night necessary? discussion with Alistair Walker Nord Recommendation Standard schedule converted to table format simplification Nord Questionable Clean up of obs1 desktop (removing names from fields) causes sispi interlock seems unnecessary, confusing; discussion with DJJ Nord
None Recommendation In kentools, bigload will fail because the FITS file is not complete. Not clear if this is because the file is written "in place" or a cp is used. Could be solved by writing to a temp file and usinv "mv", which is atomic Might be confused with a badly formatted FITS file Sheldon Incorrect The dome flats check page has the wrong expected counts listed for the 20s r band flats, should be about 34k instead of 17k the listed number 17k is for the 10s exposure Sheldon