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Harry Wilcox, 10/23/2013 03:46 PM


Table of Tasks (annotated)

An idea for describing the critical path workflow for all parties. We expect the Run Manager to start his duties around lunch time and to be around for the first half of the night. The observers should be in the console room for the 4 pm meeting.

Task Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager TelOps Time Links to information
Lunch X X X X 1-2pm
Address Questions/Comments from Previous Night X 2pm check desops email list
check various systems (diskspace, etc.) X 2:30pm
perform data quality assessment X 2:30
Make Plan X 2:30pm email plan to desops:
Restart SISPI (X) X 3 pm
Organize Roles X X X 3:30pm
Set up O1 station (X) X 3:45 pm
4pm Meeting X X X X 4pm
Set up O2 station X (X) 4:30pm
Check Dome closed X 4:30 check with telops or go outside
Zeros/Flats/Calib X 4:45 pm In order to end before we go to dinner
Check Flat Quality X 5pm
Note: flatCheck will check all available flats
help: what range of counts is OK for each band?
Start Night Summary and Report X 5:15pm
submit afternoon checklist (elog) X 5:30 (when calib ends)
Open Dome (make sure vsub is off; X 5:30-6pm (when calib ends) ask telops to open dome
Dinner X X X X 6 - 7pm
Load Standard star Scripts X X X 7pm
Load bad exposure scripts X 7:15pm ????
Watch sunset! X 7:30-8pm
Check Zeropoints X X 8pm
Run Standards X 8:15pm
Start of observing checklist (elog) X 8:30pm
Run Observations X X 8:30pm (when standards finish)
(AM Calibrations: only if necessary) X
Submit Night Summary and CTIO Report X
end of night checklists X X 6am
Conclude Night X
Watch sunrise in a state of sleepless delerium

Table of Things to check periodically

Task Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager TelOps Frequency Links to information
Telemetry X 1hr ???
Humidity (FCM) X 30min If above 1%, alert RM
Exposure Queue X 30min Are the exposures taken consistently
Check Image Health, Compare to QR, KT X X 1hr if bad, alert RM
Compare QR and KT PSF X 1hr if bad check, guider;
Wind X 30 min
Humidity (outside) X 30min if above 70% prepare to close dome; check with Telops
Guider X 30min
To do:
  • fix conflicting elements (standard stars)
  • list of thresholds for checks and tests
  • make table of information