Telemetry Viewer Users Guide

This guide covers using the Telemetry Viewer. This viewer allows you to make plots of many more quantities than are available on the standard plots provided by the SISPI GUI.

The url for the "full viewer" (which queries the telemetry database) is at CTIO is (you can only view this from the FNAL or OSU network or if you are connected to the CTIO VPN. We have a mirror database running at Fermilab that provides an almost realtime view. This does not have any access restrictions

The url for the standard SISPI telemetry plots is (you will need to log in as you do when running SISPI directly). This allows observer 2 access to the same plots seen by observer 1.

The Standard SISPI Telemetry Plots are explained at
Explanation of SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots

Making Telemetry Plots

"Features" in the Telemetry Viewer

Because the docdb explanations of the SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots are a little out of date, here are some extra guidelines for 'normal' viewing. I occasionally detail the number of plots you should see in a given panel. If that number differs, this guideline is probably out of date -- please update it!

Screenshots are provided here to show the steady state condition of active and inactive plots in the Telemetry Viewer. The current screenshots were taken 2014 Oct 2.

Focal Plane Cooling

Cage Temperatures are now implemented and look to vary between 5 and 25 degrees.

Vsub Values

Backplane g Vsub does NOT read anything -- don't panic if it's empty.

Board Temperature

Backplane g does NOT read anything -- don't panic if it's empty.

Cooling System

ln2p is strongly linear. Flow Rate is still missing from the viewer.


The five plots are ImageBuilder, Time Between Exposures, Available IBs, Exposure Queue, and Average Readout Noise.

Image Health

In addition to the plots described in the doc, there are now plots for Flux Radius, Whisker Length, Whisker Angle, Sky Background, and Readout Gradient. The Readout Gradient should stay close to 0.


If you see nothing here, RASICAM is probably off. Additionally, if the blanco is outside of rasicam's range (ie observing a spot of sky directly above rasicam), you will not read local values.


There are now six plots here.


Formerly DONut Summary 1 and 2, now condensed to six plots on one page.


Not in the doc. 11 plots.

Because the dimm sometimes does not work, the Dimm Seeing graph sometimes does not display values.

As far as we can tell, Dome Wind Speed and Dome Wind Direction do not display any values.

Sometimes it takes a while for Outside Humidity and Outside Temperature to load when you scroll down.


Not in the doc. 10 plots.