Special u-Band SN field observations

This page has instructions for executing the one-time deep u-band observations of the SN fields. We will initially spend one hour per SN field during the Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 dark time. Since the SUDSS program has observed the C3 field, we will not observe this one.

The following conditions are required for these observations:
  • No clouds
  • After end of astronomical twilight
  • Moon is down or <3 days old
  • Seeing is <=1.2" FWHM or less in the g or r bands (it will be worse in u).
  • Fields will be at airmass <=1.2 during the hour of observations.

On the night of 12/12/2015, here is a table of the times when each field will meet the airmass requirements (ok to use this table +-3 days too). All fields are above required airmass at the time of the end of astronomical twilight (UT=01:15)

Field UT Setting X=1.2 Date Done
E-12 02:25 E1 12/10/15 E2 12/13/15
S-12 03:05 S1 12/10/15 S2 12/13/15
X-123 03:05 X1 and X2 12/14/2015, X3 01/02/2016
C-12 05:20 Both 12/9/15

_Note that these must be taken early in the night (except C fields). By the evening of 12/15, the moon will be up at the end of astronomical twilight. A suggested schedule (seeing & clouds permitting) would be:

  • 10 Dec: E-1 at 01:15 UT, S-1 02:15 UT
  • 11 Dec: E-2 at 01:15 UT, S-2 02:15 UT, C-1 03:15 UT
  • 12 Dec: X-1 at 01:15 UT, X-2 02:15 UT, C-2 03:15 UT
  • 13 Dec: X-3 at 01:15 UT

JSON scripts for each field can be found in /usr/remote/user/sispi/decam/ExposureScripts/DES/supernova, the same directory with the other SN SISPI scripts, and have file names like SN-E1-u.json, SN-E2-u.json, SN-S1-u.json, etc.