observer1 (now observer3) and observer2 have Skype 4.3 installed. A few observations:
  • It seems that you cannot run it simultaneously on observer1 and observer2
  • You have to launch it twice if it is not already running - once to start a server process, second to get the application itself to run.
  • To get the sound and mic working, you might need to do the following:
    • Make sure the Logitech controller (the thing that sits on the desk and is shaped like a small hockey puck with 2 wires coming out) is on (orange light illuminated) and the volume turned up
    • Edit sound preferences: System -> Preferences -> Sound (brings up a GUI). Input is 081d Analog mono, Output is Internal Audio Analog Stereo. Make sure mic and output are unmuted.


observer3 has Zoom installed. A few observations:
  • The same caveats for sound when using Skype apply here as well.
  • Once Zoom itself is running and connected to a session, there are sound preferences available from within the zoom application. Once again, make sure that Internal Audio is selected.