Current Configuration, Constants and Scripts

Current Configuration: DES.ini

DES Proposal ID: 2012B-0001

The configuration files (.ini) files are located in /home/sispi/decam/architectures/ctio

Unless otherwise noted will will be using DES.ini during the DES run

Current Constants: DECAM:CURRENT

The DECAM:CURRENT tag corresponds to this (constants DB) snapshot:

Start Date End Date Snapshot
March 11, 2014 DECAM:54
October 19 March 11, 2014 DECAM:19
October 6 October 18 SISPI:18
September 29 October 5 SISPI:16
September 20 September 29 SISPI:15

Current Calibration Script

Check the daily/nightly observing plan for the name of the prenight and postnight calibration scripts.
A description of standard DES scripts can be found here