Run Manager Tools and Quick Links

  • Nightsum:
    • How to create a nightsum
    • Use the attached log_template.txt.
      Fill in "Notes for Data Management" with list of bad files to be ignored and any other notes.
  • Instrument status:
    • Request instrument scientist to make entry in the logbook with "summary" tag
    • DECam daily news
  • Clouded Out (DECal Scans):
    • If the Dome is open run Obstac.
    • If the Dome is closed:
    • A good use of the time is to run a DECal scan. Note that at start of Y4 DECals scans aren't being done until the system is repaired.
      • Call Kathy Vivas / Alfredo Zenteno (ext. need-to-update, email: or ) to perform the scan.
      • DECal photodiodes only produce good results at night -15 < Sun < -15 because they are very sensitive to background light.
      • DECal has to start before 2am LOCAL time, otherwise it won't finish in time.
      • Please do not call Kathy or Alfredo after 2 AM (local time) as there will be insufficient time to complete a scan.
      • If DECal is running, do NOT manipulate the observer console - even if it looks empty! You will mess up DECal.
    • If it is too late to do DECal Scans:
      • Take an extra set of Dome flats.
      • Set up a few darks and biases.
      • Remember that all weather is temporary. It is important that we are ready to observe should the dome be reopened during the night.
  • Target of Opportunity
    • In case you are asked to save the Earth from PHAs (Potentially Hazardous Asteroids), a gravity wave alert was issued, or otherwise asked to obtain exposures of a Target of Opportunity
  • Run Manager Decisions (Test Cases)