Recreating the Observer1 dropdown

One the observer1 machine, you should have a handy drop-down in the menu bar that starts the SISPI guis, cleans them up, and starts the Scripts Editor. It looks like this:

This is much more convenient than having a desktop icon, because windows can cover the icon but will not cover the menu bar. Unfortunately, sometimes this disappears and you will need to recreate it. The rest of this page will detail the recreating.

Creating a Drawer

The drop-down thing is called a "Drawer". To make a new one, right click on the menu bar and choose "Add to Panel" (the menu bar is a Panel). This will open a dialog box. Choose "Drawer" as the thing you want to add then click on "Add" to add it. Click "Close" to close that dialog box, since that's the only thing we're adding to the panel.

Now we have a little drawer icon in the menu bar. To make it clear that this will contain DES stuff, change the icon. Right click on the drawer and choose "Properties". A window will open up. It will have two tabs, and ought to be open to the General tab. Click on the big icon picture to get a file selection dialog box. The DES icon is located in ~DECamObserver/des-logo.png. Select the logo file, click "Open" to apply it, then click "Close" to dismiss the drawer properties window. If the file has disappeared, download it from the attachments on this page.

Filling the Drawer

Note that every time you add something new to the drawer, it gets placed on top. If you get them in the wrong order, you can drag them around inside the drawer to fix it, but it's easy to accidentally run the items instead of reorder them. So it's less of an annoyance to get them in the right order to start with.

The Scripts Editor

Right click on the drawer and select "Add to Drawer...". You want to add an Application Launcher.

A new window will open up. Set the name to "Scripts Editor" and the description to "Create and/or Edit SISPI Scripts". Click on Browse to find the command in ~DECamObserver/bin/run_scripts_editor. Click "OK" to finish.

SISPI Cleanup

Create another Application Launcher, like you just did for the Scripts Editor. This time, the name is "SISPI Cleanup", the description is "Close all SISPI GUIs", and the command is ~DECamObserver/bin/observer_cleanup.

I used a red dot icon for this that I found in the system's icon folder. Click on the default icon, and you'll get a file selection box. I used this one:

SISPI startup

One last Application Launcher! Name "SISPI Startup", command ~DECamObserver/bin/observer_setup, comment "Start SISPI GUIs", and use the same DES icon that we used for the drawer itself.

And there you have it, a convenient drop-down box in the menu bar for running a few common SISPI scripts on observer1.