1. Information for Observers
  2. DECam Electronic Log Book and Night Summaries
  3. DES Shift Schedule
  4. Weather & Environmental Data
  5. Links not likely to be used during a normal run

Information for Observers

For Everyone (read first)
  1. Role Summaries
  2. Traveling to Chile & Tololo
  3. Daily Playbook
For Observer1: SISPI Driver
  1. Observer1 Checklist
  2. Observer1 Setup Guide
  3. Using obstac
  4. Comfort Display
  5. aTmCam Check
  6. GPS Monitor Check
  7. Standard Stars
For Observer2: AstroChair
  1. Observer2 Checklist
  2. Observer2 Setup Guide
  3. Introduction to kentools
  4. Data Quality Operations
  5. Focal Plane Numbering Scheme
For Run Manager
  1. RM Daily Check List
  2. RM Tools & Links
  3. Standard Stars
  4. Scripts for Run Manager
  5. 4pm meeting agenda template
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Expert Call List
  8. CTIO Telops Staff gallery

DES Shift Schedule

  1. Third Season Aug. 2015 to Feb. 2016
  2. Second Season Aug. 2014 to Feb 2015
  3. First Season Aug. 2013 to Feb 2014
  4. Second Season Aug. 2012 to Feb 2013

DECam Electronic Log Book and Night Summaries

  1. DECam ELog (Introduction)
  2. DECam ELog (Link to existing from CTIO, FNAL, or with VPN)
  3. DECam ELog (Link to existing from elsewhere)
  4. DES Night Summaries (Introduction)
  5. DES Night Summaries (Link to existing)
  6. CTIO Night Summaries (Introduction)
  7. CTIO Night Summaries (Link to make a new one)
  8. CTIO Night Summaries (Link to existing)

Weather & Environmental Data

  1. Collection of weather links
  2. Tololo Site Environmental Web Page
  3. RASICAM (Introduction)

Links not likely to be used during a normal run


  1. SISPI Operations (User and GUI accounts)
  2. Explanation of SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots
  3. SISPI Daily News
  4. SISPI Support Schedule
  5. Current Configuration, Constants and Calibration Scripts
  6. SISPI Expert Guide
  7. SISPI Operations (User and GUI accounts, Start up and Operations)
  8. SISPI Database Guide
  9. How to query the SISPI Database
  10. SISPI ICS Alarms and Telemetry Guide
  11. Recreating the SISPI dropdown in the menu bar on Observer1
  12. ScriptsEditor Manual
  13. Standard DES Scripts



  1. Telescope Zeropoint Procedures
  2. Telemetry Viewer Users Guide
  3. Guider Manual
  4. Telescope Horizon Limits
  5. Using AOS (Adaptive Optics System)

Quick Reduce

  1. QuickReduce Live
  2. QR Description and Startup
  3. How to query the Quick Reduce Database
  4. Query all data
  5. All main survey data
  6. Restarting QuickReduce


  1. Rebooting the Computers
  2. CCDs in the Imager
  3. DES SN Field Charts
  4. Looking for occluded donuts
  5. DES SN Field Locations
  6. Wind Blinds
  7. Restarting the ICS Telemetry Scripts
  8. AOS for experts