Restarting the ICS Telemetry Scripts

For a detailed description of how the ICS telemetry is logged see SISPI ICS Alarms and Telemetry Guide.

The ICS telemetry runs all the time and is independent of SISPI. The scripts run on the ics1 machine under the sispi account. Should it become necessary to restart these scripts then the following instructions explain what to do. This should only be tried if you have first consulted with an expert.

Login to ics1 as user sispi.

setup ICSTelemetry


telemetryserver status - shows status on everything
telemetryserver start - starts everything
telemetryserver stop - stops everything
telemetryserver restart - stops everything and then starts everything

It can also be used to start each component individually.

setup ICSTelemetry


telemetryserver start <process>
telemetryserver stop <process>
telemetryserver status <process>
telemetryserver restart <process>

process = CageTemps Heaters Ionpump ICC LN2 Photodiode FacilityUtilities Vacuum