End of Night Checklist

This are the end of night instructions for both observers. The pre-formatted checklist in the eLog has been superseded by the nightsum tool.

Observer 1:
  • Observer(s) Present:
  • Calibration:
    • Take Standard Star sequences (See Start of Observing Checklist for details on choosing these scripts) [Script Name]: Suggestion: add stopping OBSTAC before -14deg as an alarm to your iCal.
      • For morning standards (and end-of-half-night standards), the current official procedure is to use the grizY scripts under DES/standard/grizY (see Standard Star Instructions)
      • ... although if you accidentally use the Yzirg scripts, it is not a big deal... (--D. Tucker)
    • Submit End-of-Night Calibration Script: /user/DECamObserver/postnight_calibration.json.
  • Cleanup the observer1 desktop:
    • Close any extra terminal window you have opened during the night
    • Close any extra browser windows you have opened during the night. Be careful not to close any SISPI GUIs
    • Go to the System Control section of the observer console GUI and clear the setup information
      • Click on Edit
      • Click on Clear
      • Click on Save
  • Bring the instrument into a safe state
    • Turn Vsub off (if it is not off already)
    • Move the block filter into the beam (if it is not already)
  • If waiting for Obs2 to finish pubsum, it would be very kind, to our fellow Blanco users, if you could collect dirty cups and do the washing up.
Observer 2:
  • Summarize Shift (mostly done by Observer 2):
    • (List engineering tests, downtime cause and length, extra dome closures, extra images, unusual events, comments)
    • Maybe each of these is a separate field.
  • Follow Observer 2 End of Night procedure
  • Night Summary Submitted (Only for DES) [Y/N]:
  • CTIO End-of-Night Report Submitted [Y/N]:
    CTIO expects ALL observers to fill in the "CTIO End of Night" report. The Observer Support person on duty can show how, if need be. Cut and paste from the DES nightsum is appropriate for some of the material needed. This youtube link [_not working in Jan'14_] provides directions for filling out the end of night reports.
    • Goto
    • Login (username and password will be provided by the operations manager)
    • Goto Astronomers --> Observing --> Create Night Report
    • Please add the Summary information from the DES Night Report to the CTIO night report. Please add the link to the DES Night Summary to the CTIO Night Summary. The URL for the DES Night Summary is very predictable.
    • You can save the Night Report multiple times during the night as you add to it, but be sure to publish it when the form is complete.
  • Cleanup the observer2 desktop.