DES Shift Schedule, Season 5

(05/09/17) Note: We expect to have the Y5 schedule sometime around mid-June. At that point I will start asking for observers and forming the observing teams. Until then, though I am accepting volunteers so that I have a list of people who are willing to go. If you want to be on that list, send email to and let me know your date preferences (if any) and observing experience (if any). Observing experience is not required.

(07/29/17) We have a schedule. We are looking for volunteer observers.

(12/29/17) Schedule booked.

Date Day 4M Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager Run Manager IT Specialists SISPI (remote)
08/11/2017 - 08/14/2017 Marshall, Cook, T A&M
08/15/2017 Tuesday 2nd half Cook Sauseda Marshall Texas A&M
08/16/2017 Wednesday 2nd half Cook Sauseda Marshall Texas A&M
08/17/2017 Thursday 2nd half Sauseda Cook Marshall Texas A&M
08/18/2017 Friday 2nd half Cook (Marshall) Marshall Texas A&M
08/19/2017 Saturday 2nd half Cook (Marshall) Marshall Texas A&M
08/20/2017 Sunday 2nd half Cook (Marshall) Marshall Texas A&M
08/21/2017 Monday 2nd half Balbinot (Vivas) Vivas
08/22/2017 Tuesday 2nd half Secco (Balbinot) Balbinot
08/23/2017 Wednesday 2nd half (Balbinot) Secco Balbinot
08/24/2017 Thursday 2nd half Secco (Balbinot) Balbinot
08/25/2017 Friday 2nd half Secco (Balbinot) Balbinot
08/26/2017 Saturday 2nd half (Balbinot) Secco Balbinot (Secco)
08/27/2017 Sunday 2nd half Balbinot (Secco) Secco
08/28/2017 Monday 2nd half Wester (Secco) Secco
08/29/2017 Tuesday 2nd half Wester (Secco) Secco
08/30/2017 Wednesday 2nd half Muir (Wester) Wester
08/31/2017 Thursday 2nd half Muir (Wester) Wester
09/01/2017 Friday Full Muir (Wester) Wester (Muir)
09/02/2017 Saturday Full (Wester) (Muir) Muir
09/03/2017 Sunday Eng. Lathrop, Alvarez
09/04/2017-09/05/2017 DD/Eng. Lathrop, Alvarez
09/06/2017 Wednesday 2nd half Zenteno (Kent) Kent
09/07/2017 Thursday Full Night Zenteno (Kent) Kent
09/08/2017-09/09/2017 Non DES
09/10/2017 Sunday Full Ice Cube (Kron) Kent Kron
09/11/2017 Monday Full Night (Kron) Kent Kron
09/12/2017 Tuesday Full Night Kent (Kron) Kron
09/13/2017 Wednesday Full Night Kent (Kron) Kron
09/14/2017-09/16/2017 Non DES
09/17/2017 Sunday Full Night M.Johnson M.Gelman Kron (M.Johnson)
09/18/2017 Monday Full Night M.Gelman M.Johnson Kron (M.Johnson)
09/19/2017-09/21/2017 Non DES
09/22/2017 Friday Full Night M.Johnson Sako Vivas
09/23/2017 Saturday Full Night Sako Kuropatkin M.Johnson
09/24/2017 Sunday Full Night Sako Kuropatkin M.Johnson
09/25/2017 Monday Full Night Kuropatkin Sako M.Johnson (Sako)
09/26/2017 Tuesday Full Night Kuropatkin (Sako) Sako (Kuropatkin)
09/27/2017 Wednesday Full Night Sako (Kuropatkin) Kuropatkin
09/28/2017 Thursday Full Night Kuropatkin (Sako) Sako
09/29/2017 Friday Full Night Allam (Tucker) Tucker
09/30/2017 Saturday Full Night Allam (Tucker) Tucker
10/01/2017 Sunday Full Night Tucker (Allam) Allam
10/02/2017 Monday Full Night Tucker (Allam) Allam
10/03/2017 Tuesday Full Night Tucker (Allam) Allam
10/04/2017-10/08/2017 Non DES
10/09/2017 Monday Full Night N.Weaverdyck (Hollowood) Hollowood
10/10/2017 Tuesday Full Night N.Weaverdyck (Hollowood) Hollowood (N.Weaverdyck)
10/11/2017 Wednesday Full Night (Hollowood) N.Weaverdyck Hollowood (N.Weaverdyck)
10/12/2017 Thursday Full Night N.Weaverdyck (Hollowood) Hollowood
10/13/2017 Friday Full Night N.Weaverdyck (Hollowood) Hollowood
10/14/2017 Saturday Full Night Hollowood (N.Weaverdyck) N.Weaverdyck
10/15/2017 Sunday Full Night Hollowood (N.Weaverdyck) N.Weaverdyck Romer Bhargava
10/16/2017 Monday Full Night Romer Bhargava Hollowood
10/17/2017 Tuesday Full Night Bhargava Shipp Romer
10/18/2017 Wednesday Full Night Bhargava Shipp Romer
10/19/2017 Thursday Full Night Shipp Bhargava Romer (Bhargava)
10/20/2017 Friday Full Night Shipp Romer Bhargava (Shipp)
10/21/2017 Saturday Full Night Romer Bhargava Shipp
10/22/2017-10/24/2017 Non DES
10/25/2017 Wednesday Full Night Y.Zhang Khullar Shipp
10/26/2017 Thursday Full Night Y.Zhang Khullar Shipp
10/27/2017 Friday Full Night Khullar (Y.Zhang) Y.Zhang
10/28/2017 Saturday Full Night Khullar (Y.Zhang) Y.Zhang
10/29/2017 Sunday Full Night Khullar (Y.Zhang) Y.Zhang
10/30/2017 Monday Full Night Y.Zhang (Khullar) Khullar
10/31/2017 Tuesday Full Night Y.Zhang (Khullar) Khullar
11/01/2017-11/05/2017 Non DES
11/06/2017 Monday Full Night Murphy Yanny Gill
11/07/2017 Tuesday Full Night Yanny Murphy Gill
11/08/2017 Wednesday Full Night Murphy Yanny Gill
11/09/2017 Thursday Full Night Yanny Murphy Gill
11/10/2017-11/12/2017 Non DES
11/13/2017 Monday Full Night Furnell Wilkinson Gill
11/14/2017 Tuesday 3/4 Night Furnell Wilkinson Gill
11/15/2017 Wednesday 3/4 Night Wilkinson Furnell Gill (Furnell)
11/16/2017 Thursday 3/4 Night Wilkinson Gill Furnell
11/17/2017 Friday 3/4 Night Gill Wilkinson Furnell (Wilkinson)
11/18/2017 Saturday Full Night Furnell Gill Wilkinson
11/19/2017 Sunday Full Night Gill Furnell Wilkinson
11/20/2017 Monday Non-DES
11/21/2017 Tuesday Full Night Wu Friswell Ferte
11/22/2017 Wednesday Full Night Wu Friswell Ferte
11/23/2017 Thursday Full Night Friswell Wu Ferte
11/24/2017 Friday Full Night Friswell Wu Ferte (Wu)
11/25/2017 Saturday Full Night Ferte Friswell Wu (Friswell)
11/26/2017 Sunday Full Night Friswell Ferte Wu
11/27/2017 Monday Full Night Ferte Wu Friswell
11/28/2017 Tuesday Full Night Wu Ferte Friswell
11/29/2017-12/03/2017 Non DES
12/04/2017 Monday Full Night Pace Monroy Das
12/05/2017 Tuesday Full Night Pace Monroy Das
12/06/2017 Wednesday Full Night Monroy Pace Das
12/07/2017 Thursday Full Night Monroy Pace Das
12/08/2017 Friday Full Night Pace Monroy Das
12/09/2017 Saturday Full Night Pace Monroy Das
12/10/2017 Sunday Full Night Monroy Pace Das
12/11/2017 Monday Full Night Kremin Pace Das
12/12/2017 Tuesday Full Night Gulledge A.Smith Kremin
12/13/2017 Wednesday Full Night Gulledge A.Smith Kremin
12/14/2017 Thursday Full Night A.Smith Gulledge Kremin
12/15/2017 Friday Full Night A.Smith Gulledge Kremin (Gulledge)
12/16/2017 Saturday 1st half Kremin A.Smith Gulledge
12/17/2017 Sunday 1st half A. Smith Kremin Gulledge
12/18/2017 Monday 1st half Capasso Kremin Li
12/19/2017 Tuesday 1st half Capasso (Li) Li
12/20/2017 Wednesday 1st half (Li) Capasso Li
12/21/2017 Thursday 1st half Capasso (Li) Li (Capasso)
12/22/2017 Friday 1st half Li (Capasso) Capasso
12/23/2017 Saturday 1st half Paz-Chinchon (Li) Li
12/24/2017 Sunday 1st half Paz-Chinchon (Li) Li
12/25/2017 Monday 1st half (Li) Paz-Chinchon Li (Paz-Chinchon)
12/26/2017-12/28/2017 Non DES
12/29/2017 Friday 1st half Paz-Chinchon (Zenteno) Zenteno
12/30/2017 Saturday 1st half Zenteno (Paz-Chinchon) Paz-Chinchon
12/31/2017-01/02/2018 Non DES
01/03/2018 Wednesday 1st half DePoy (Marshall) Marshall Travis Prochaska
01/04/2018 Thursday 1st half DePoy (Marshall) Marshall TAMU DECalS
01/05/2018 Friday 1st half (Marshall) DePoy Marshall maintenance
01/06/2018 Saturday 1st half (Marshall) DePoy Marshall this
01/07/2018 Sunday 1st half DePoy (Marshall) Marshall whole
01/08/2018 Monday 1st half DePoy (Marshall) Marshall stretch. Also Reil
01/09/2018 Tuesday 1st half Everett (Cawthon) Cawthon
01/10/2018 Wednesday 1st half Everett (Cawthon) Cawthon
01/11/2018 Thursday 1st half (Cawthon) Everett Cawthon
01/12/2018 Friday 1st half (Cawthon) Everett Cawthon
01/13/2018 Saturday 1st half Everett (Cawthon) Cawthon (Everett)
01/14/2018 Sunday 1st half Cawthon (Everett) Everett
01/15/2018 Monday 1st half March (Cawthon) Cawthon
01/16/2018 Tuesday 1st half L.Gelman (March) March
01/17/2018 Wednesday 1st half L.Gelman (March) March
01/18/2018 Thursday 1st half L.Gelman (March) March
01/19/2018 Friday 1st half L.Gelman (March) March
01/20/2018 Saturday 1st half (March) L.Gelman March (L.Gelman)
01/21/2018 Sunday 1st half (March) L.Gelman March (L.Gelman)
01/22/2018 Monday 1st half Gerdes (L.Gelman) L.Gelman
01/23/2018 Tuesday 1st half Gerdes (L,Gelman) L.Gelman
01/24/2018 Wednesday 1st half Gerdes (L.Gelman) L.Gelman
01/25/2018 Thursday 1st half L.Gelman (Gerdes) Gerdes
01/26/2018 Friday 1st half Zenteno (Gerdes) Gerdes
01/27/2018 Saturday 1st half Zenteno (Gerdes) Gerdes
01/28/2018 to 02/01/2018 Non-DES
02/02/2018 Friday 1st half Pereira (Hamilton) Hamilton
02/03/2018 Saturday 1st half Pereira (Hamilton) Hamilton
02/04/2018 Sunday 1st half (Hamilton) Pereira Hamilton
02/05/2018 Monday 1st half (Hamilton) Pereira Hamilton (Pereira)
02/06/2018 Tuesday 1st half Pereira (Hamilton) Hamilton (Pereira)
02/07/2018 Wednesday 1st half Hamilton (Pereira) Pereira
02/08/2018 Thursday 1st half Menanteau (Hamilton) Hamilton
02/09/2018 Friday 1st half Poh (Menanteau) Menanteau
02/10/2018 Saturday 1st half Poh (Menanteau) Menanteau
02/11/2018 Sunday 1st half Poh (Menanteau) Menanteau
02/12/2018 Monday 1st half (Menanteau) Poh Menanteau (Poh)
02/13/2018 Tuesday 1st half Poh (Menanteau) Menanteau (Poh)
02/14/2018 Wednesday 1st half (Poh) Menanteau Poh
02/15/2018-02/16/2018 Non-DES
02/17/2018 Saturday 1st half Moraes (Wilkinson) Wilkinson
02/18/2018 Sunday 1st half Moraes (Wilkinson) Wilkinson
02/19/2018 Monday 1st half Moraes (Wilkinson) Wilkinson
02/20/2018 Tuesday 1st half (Wilkinson) Moraes Wilkinson (Moraes)
02/21/2018 Wednesday 1st half Wilkinson (Moraes) Moraes
02/22/2018 Thursday 1st half Moraes (Wilkinson) Wilkinson

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US DES Collaborators to make travel arrangements through Fermilab (). Remember that the DOE requires the trips be scheduled more than 30 days in advance and that if the paperwork is late it may be impossible to schedule.

US DES Collaborators planning to spend more than 30 days in Chile need to have special "SAFE Training" and to confirm
that to FNAL. See this web page: