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Kyle Story, 09/10/2016 05:50 PM

DES Shift Schedule, Season 4

(08/31/16) Note: We have the observing schedule.
Date Day 4M Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager Run Manager IT Specialists SISPI (remote)
08/08/2-16-08/12/2016 Non DES aTmCAM
08/13/2016 Saturday 2nd half Stringer (Marshall) Marshall are
08/14/2016 Sunday 2nd half Stringer (Marshall) Marshall Marshall
08/15/2016 Monday 2nd half Stringer (Marshall) Marshall Stringer
08/16/2015-08/17/2016 DECam Eng.
08/18/2015-08/21/2016 Non DES
08/22/2016 Monday 2nd half Manera (Vivas) Vivas
08/23/2016 Tuesday 2nd half Manera (Vivas) Vivas
08/24/2016 Wednesday 2nd half Manera (Vivas) Vivas
08/25/2016 Thursday 2nd half (Vivas) Manera Vivas
08/26/2016 Friday 2nd half Manera (Kremin) Kremin
08/27/2016 Saturday 2nd half Kremin Manera Kremin
08/28/2016 Sunday 2nd half Manera (Kremin) Kremin
08/29/2016 Monday 2nd half Tarsitano (Kremin) Kremin
08/30/2016 Tuesday 2nd half Tarsitano (Kremin) Kremin
08/31/2016 Wednesday 2nd half (Kremin) Tarsitano Kremin
09/01/2016 Thursday 2nd half Tarsitano (Kron) Kron (Tarsitano)
09/02/2016 Friday 2nd half (Kron) Tarsitano Kron (Tarsitano)
09/03/2016 Saturday 2nd half Kron (Tarsitano) Tarsitano
09/04/2016 Sunday 2nd half Tarsitano (Kron) Kron
09/05/2016 Monday 2nd half Wang (Kron) Kron
09/06/2016 Tuesday Full Night Wang (Kron) Kron
09/07/2016 Wednesday Full Night Story Wang Kron (Wang)
09/08/2016 Thursday Full Night Story Wang Kron (Wang)
09/09/2016 Friday Full Night Story Kovacs Wang
09/10/2016 Saturday Full Night Kovacs Story Wang (Story)
09/11/2016 Sunday Full Night Kovacs Story Wang (Story)
09/12/2016 Monday Full Night Kovacs Wang Story
09/13/2016 Tuesday Full Night Wang Kovacs Story
09/14/2016 Wednesday Full Night Wang Kovacs Story
09/15/2016 Thursday Decam Eng.
09/16/2016-09/20/2016 Non DES
09/21/2016 Wednesday Full Night Sevilla Wethers Zenteno
09/22/2016 Thursday Full Night Sevilla Wethers Zenteno
09/23/2016 Friday Full Night Wethers Sevilla Zenteno
09/24/2016 Saturday Full Night Wethers Sevilla Nord
09/25/2016 Sunday Full Night Sevilla Wethers Nord
09/26/2016 Monday Full Night Wethers Sevilla Nord
09/27/2016 Tuesday Full Night Sevilla Wethers Nord (Sevilla)
09/28/2016 Wednesday Full Night Wethers Sevilla Nord (Wethers)
09/29/2016 Thursday Full Night Sevilla Hollowood Nord
09/30/2016 Friday Full Night Hollowood (Zenteno) Zenteno Nord
10/01/2016 Saturday Full Night Hollowood Zenteno Nord
10/02/2016 Sunday Full Night Gill Hollowood Nord
10/03/2016 Monday Full Night Gill Hollowood Nord (Gill)
10/04/2016 Tuesday Full Night Hollowood Gill Nord (Gill)
10/05/2016 Wednesday 1st half Hollowood (Gill) Gill
10/06/2016 Thursday 1st half Gill (Hollowood) Hollowood
10/07/2016 Friday 1st half Gill (Hollowood) Hollowood
10/08/2016 Saturday 1st half Tucker (Gill) Gill
10/09/2016 Sunday 1st half Tucker (Gill) Gill
10/10/2016 Monday 1st half Tucker (Gill) Gill
10/11/2016 Tuesday 2nd half (Gill) Tucker Gill
10/12/2016 Wednesday Non DES
10/13/2016-10/17/2016 DECam Eng.
10/18/2016 Tuesday Full Night Park Conselice Cawthon
10/19/2016 Wednesday Full Night Park Conselice Cawthon
10/20/2016 Thursday Full Night Conselice Park Cawthon
10/21/2016 Friday Full Night Conselice Park Cawthon
10/22/2016 Saturday Full Night Conselice Park Cawthon
10/23/2016 Sunday Full Night Park Bernstein Cawthon
10/24/2016 Monday Full Night Bernstein Cawthon
10/25/2016 Tuesday Full Night Bernstein Cawthon
10/26/2016 Wednesday Full Night Bernstein Cawthon
10/27/2016 Thursday Full Night Bernstein Cawthon
10/28/2016 Friday Full Night Bernstein Cawthon
10/29/2016-10/31/2016 Non DES
11/01/2016 Tuesday Full Night Soergel
11/02/2016 Wednesday Full Night Soergel
11/03/2016 Thursday Full Night Soergel
11/04/2016 Friday Full Night Soergel
11/05/2016 Saturday Full Night Soergel
11/06/2016 Sunday Full Night Soergel
11/07/2016 Monday Full Night Soergel
11/08/2016 Tuesday Full Night Soergel
11/09/2016 Wednesday Full Night Soergel
11/10/2016 Thursday Full Night Soergel
11/11/2016-11/14/2016 Non DES
11/15/2016 Tuesday Full Night
11/16/2016 Wednesday Full Night
11/17/2016 Thursday Full Night
11/18/2016 Friday Full Night
11/19/2016-11/20/2016 Non DES
11/21/2016 Monday Full Night
11/22/2016 Tuesday Full Night
11/23/2016 Wednesday Full Night
11/24/2016 Thursday Full Night
11/25/2016 Friday Full Night
11/26/2016 Saturday Full Night
11/27/2016 Sunday Full Night
11/28/2016 Monday Full Night Annis
11/29/2016 Tuesday Full Night Annis
11/30/2016 Wednesday Full Night Annis
12/01/2016 Thursday Full Night Annis
12/02/2016 Friday Full Night Annis
12/03/2016 Saturday Full Night Annis
12/04/2016 Sunday Full Night Annis
12/05/2016 Monday Full Night Annis
12/06/2016 Tuesday Full Night Annis
12/07/2016 Wednesday Full Night
12/08/2016 Thursday Full Night
12/09/2016-12/13/2016 Non DES

CTIO Telescope Schedules:

CTIO Web Page Visiting Astronomers Travel Guide:

collection of useful travel information

See also Practical Hints for DES Observers:

And See also Collection of Useful Information:

US DES Collaborators to make travel arrangements through Fermilab (). Remember that the DOE requires the trips be scheduled more than 30 days in advance and that if the paperwork is late it may be impossible to schedule.

US DES Collaborators planning to spend more than 30 days in Chile need to have special "SAFE Training" and to confirm
that to FNAL. See this web page: