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Thomas Diehl, 07/23/2015 01:04 PM

DES Shift Schedule, Season 3

(07/21/15) Note: Based on schedule
Date Day 4M Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager Run Manager IT Specialists SISPI (remote)
07/26/2015 Sunday Eng. LN2
07/27/2015 -07/30/2015 Eng. LN2, aTmCam
07/31/2015 Friday Eng. LN2, aTmCam
08/01/2015 Saturday Eng. LN2, Kent, Marshall, Mondrik
08/02/2015 Sunday Eng. LN2, Kent, Marshall, Mondrik
08/03/2015 Monday Eng. Kent, Mondrik
08/04/2015 Tuesday 2nd Half Mondrik (Kent) Kent
08/05/2015 Wednesday 2nd Half Mondrik (Kent) Kent
08/06/2015 Thursday 2nd Half Mondrik (Kent) Kent
08/07/2015 Friday 2nd Half (Kent) Kron Kent
08/08/2015 Saturday 2nd Half (Kent) Kron Kent
08/09/2015 Sunday 2nd Half Kron (Kent) Kent
08/10/2015 Monday 2nd Half (Kron) Kent Kron
08/11/2015 Tuesday 2nd Half (Reil) (Kron) Kron Reil Rasicam
08/12/2015 Wednesday 2nd Half (Reil) (Kron) Kron Reil Rasicam
08/13/2015 Thursday 2nd Half (Reil) (Kron) Kron Reil Rasicam
08/14/2015 Friday 2nd Half Annis (Reil) Reil
08/15/2015 Saturday 2nd Half Annis (Reil) Reil
08/16/2015 Sunday 2nd Half Annis (Reil) Reil
08/17/2015 Monday 2nd Half Baumer (Annis) Annis
08/18/2015 Tuesday 2nd Half Baumer (Annis) Annis (Baumer)
08/19/2015 Wednesday 2nd Half Schooneveld Baumer Annis (Baumer)
08/20/2015 Thursday 2nd Half Schooneveld (Baumer) Baumer
08/21/2015 Friday 2nd Half Schooneveld (Baumer) Baumer
08/22/2015 Saturday 2nd Half (Baumer) Schooneveld Baumer
08/23/2015 Sunday 2nd Half (Baumer) Schooneveld Baumer (Schooneveld)
08/24/2015 Monday 2nd Half (Baumer) Schooneveld Baumer (Schooneveld)
08/25/2015 Tuesday 2nd Half (Schooneveld) Baumer Schooneveld
08/26/2015 Wednesday 2nd Half (Schooneveld) Baumer Schooneveld
08/27/2015-08/31/2015 Engineer.
09/01/2015 Tuesday 2nd Half Lasker (Vivas) Vivas
09/02/2015 Wednesday 2nd Half Lasker (Cawthon) Cawthon
09/03/2015 Thursday 2nd Half Lasker (Cawthon) Cawthon
09/04/2015 Friday Non-DES
09/05/2015 Saturday Non-DES
09/06/2015 Sunday 2nd Half DJJ (Cawthon) Cawthon
09/07/2015 Monday 2nd Half DJJ (Cawthon) Cawthon
09/08/2015 Tuesday 2nd Half (Cawthon) Lasker Cawthon
09/09/2015 Wednesday 2nd Half Frieman Lasker Cawthon (Lasker)
09/10/2015 Thursday 2nd Half Frieman Lasker Cawthon (Lasker)
09/11/2015 Friday 2nd Half Frieman (Lasker) Lasker
09/12/2015 Saturday Full Night Hollowood Lahav Frieman
09/13/2015 Sunday Full Night Hollowood Lahav Kim
09/14/2015 Monday Full Night Hollowood Lahav Kim
09/15/2015 Tuesday Full Night Lahav Hollowood Kim
09/16/2015 Wednesday Full Night Lahav Hollowood Kim (Hollowood)
09/17/2015 Thursday Full Night Fernandez Hollowood Kim (Hollowood)
09/18/2015 Friday Full Night Kim Fernandez Hollowood
09/19/2015 Saturday Full Night Fernandez Kim Hollowood
09/20/2015 Sunday Full Night Fernandez Queiroz Santiago
09/21/2015 Monday Full Night Queiroz Fernandez Santiago (Fernandez)
09/22/2015 Tuesday Full Night Queiroz Fernandez Santiago (Fernandez)
09/23/2015 Wednesday Full Night Santiago Queiroz Fernandez (Queiroz)
09/24/2015 Thursday Full Night Santiago Queiroz Fernandez (Queiroz)
09/25/2015-09/28/2015 Non-DES
09/29/2015 Tuesday Engineer.
09/30/2015 Wednesday Full Night Tie DJJ
10/01/2015 Thursday Full Night Tie DJJ
10/02/2015 Friday Full Night Tie Nord
10/03/2015 Saturday Full Night Tie Nord
10/04/2015 Sunday Full Night Tie Nord
10/05/2015 Monday Full Night Nord Tucker
10/06/2015 Tuesday Full Night Tie Nord Tucker (Tie)
10/07/2015 Wednesday Full Night Tie Abbott (Tie)
10/08/2015 Thursday Full Night Abbott Tie (Tie)
10/09/2015 Friday Full Night Abbott Tie
10/10/2015-10/12/2015 Non-DES
10/13/2015 Tuesday Full Night Beaufore Wester
10/14/2015 Wednesday Full Night Wester Beaufore
10/15/2015 Thursday Full Night Beaufore Wester (Wester)
10/16/2015 Friday Full Night Beaufore Wester
10/17/2015 Saturday Full Night Beaufore Wester
10/18/2015 Sunday Full Night Beaufore Wester
10/19/2015 Monday Full Night Wester
10/20/2015 Tuesday Full Night Wester
10/21/2015 Wednesday Full Night Wester
10/22/2015 Thursday Full Night
10/23/2015 Friday Full Night
10/24/2015 Saturday Full Night
10/25/2015-10/28/2015 DD/Eng.
10/29/2015 Thursday Full Night
10/30/2015 Friday Full Night
10/31/2015 Saturday Full Night
11/01/2015 Sunday Full Night
11/02/2015 Monday Full Night
11/03/2015 Tuesday Full Night
11/04/2015 Wednesday Full Night
11/05/2015 Thursday Full Night
11/06/2015 Friday Full Night
11/07/2015 Saturday Full Night
11/08/2015 Sunday Full Night
11/09/2015-11/11/2015 Non-DES

CTIO Telescope Schedules:

CTIO Web Page Visiting Astronomers Travel Guide:

US DES Collaborators to make travel arrangements through Fermilab (). Remember that the DOE requires the trips be scheduled more than 30 days in advance and that if the paperwork is late it may be impossible to schedule.

US DES Collaborators planning to spend more than 30 days in Chile need to have special "SAFE Training" and to confirm
that to FNAL. See this web page:

Tips from DES Observers