Chile Weather Model

There is a really nice weather model website for anywhere in Chile at the following URL.
Use Latitude -30.169661 and Longitude -70.806525.

Here is an example output from 4 PM Tololo Time on Oct. 22, 2013.

The upper block Y-axis is the altitude (in units pressure) and the X-axis is time. The green-colored stuff is relative humidity as a function of time. The flags are the wind speed at given elevations as a function of time.

The next block down blue squares with white centers is the temperature. Alistair says this is a pretty good predictor for the nights temperature. Not sure what the pink-filled boxes are (Edit: It seems to say "Temperatura del Punto de Rocío", i.e., dew point temperature (AP)).

The next block down looks like air pressure.

Next is wind speed.

Didn't figure out the last block.