Afternoon Checklist (Dome Closed)

A version of this checklist is available as a pre-defined form in the eLog.
We don't ask you to fill it out. These are the things that should you should do
when you get up to the dome in the afternoon. Typically they are started
after the "4 o'Clock Meeting". Note variances in the eLog.

  • Observer(s) Present:
  • SISPI Instance: This is now autogenerated. The format is DECam_YYYYMMDD
  • SISPI configured with correct DES PropID (2012B-0001 as of 12/5/2014)
  • SISPI Interlocks OK [Y/N]:
  • SISPI Interlocks that are not OK [List]:
  • Check Telemetry GUIs:
    Explanation of SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots
  • Check if Morning Calibration Completed [Y/N]:
  • Check the eLog to see if Telops did the "2 PM Checklist"
  • Calibration [NOTE: calibrations are often done by Telops. Just run flatCheck once done.]
    • Verify Dome is Closed
    • Verify Dome Flat Setup (ask Telops) Dome Flat setup
    • Turn VSUB on
    • Submit Afternoon Calibration Script (/user/sispi/decam/ExposureScripts/DECam/prenight_zeros_flats.json):
    • Calib Script Name (if not the standard script):
    • Check a few exposures on the Comfort Display. Is the focal plane complete?
    • When script is done, in kentools (on observer2), run "flatCheck" - see if plot is OK.
  • Check GPS Monitor is Operating [Y/N]:
    See that GPSMon is working
  • Comments: