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Ting Li, 11/25/2014 01:03 PM

1 1 Thomas Diehl
h1. ATmCam Procedures
2 1 Thomas Diehl
3 4 Ting Li
DES Observer 1 is expected to check that the dome for aTmCam is open and that the CCDs are powered.
4 4 Ting Li
The check is to be done every night after DES obsereving has started. (after you started obstac)
5 1 Thomas Diehl
obsdome.log is to log when the dome of aTmCam open and close
6 1 Thomas Diehl
obsccd.log is to log when the instrument is powered on/off and starts/stops observation
7 2 Thomas Diehl
These logs can only be seen at CTIO, normally.
8 1 Thomas Diehl
9 3 Thomas Diehl
* Check obsdome.log at  to see that the dome is open tonight. If not open ask Telops to open it.
10 1 Thomas Diehl
* Check obsccd.log at  to make sure all 4 CCDs are powered on. 
11 4 Ting Li
* if either of these is not OK (i.e. dome cannot open or CCDs are not powered on) email Ting. (