Nightly Observing Plan for MJD 56625 (starting evening of Nov 28, 2013)


Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager SISPI Expert on Call
Rutu Das Lyndsay Old Kevin Reil
ext. 521 ext. 5?? ext. 513 or 630 338 9267

CTIO staff (Telescope Operators)

Day Support Night Assistant
Hernan Tirado Claudio Aguilera

DECam Configuration and Setup

SISPI Configuration File DES.ini
Proposal ID 2012B-0001
Image Processing (Calibration) NCSA
Image Processing (First Cut) NCSA

mjd 56625, date 20131128, Site CTIO, UT-offset 3 hr
Current local time 14:56 CLST     UT 17:56     SidTim 17:45
Sunset     20:36 CLST  23:36 UT   SidTim  351 deg  
Eve. -10   21:16 CLST  00:16 UT   SidTim    1 deg  Zeropoint; standards
Eve. -14   21:38 CLST  00:38 UT   SidTim    7 deg  Begin obstac
Eve. -18   22:02 CLST  01:02 UT   SidTim   13 deg  Last chance standards
Midpoint   01:31 CLST  04:31 UT   SidTim   65 deg  
Moonrise   03:54 CLST  06:54 UT   SidTim  101 deg  
Morn -18   05:00 CLST  08:00 UT   SidTim  117 deg  Begin astronomical twilight
Morn Std   05:24 CLST  08:24 UT   SidTim  123 deg  End obstac; begin standards
Morn -10   05:46 CLST  08:46 UT   SidTim  129 deg  
Sunrise    06:26 CLST  09:26 UT   SidTim  139 deg  
Moon position (deg): RA 195.3, Dec -7.7 Phase: 0.295

Weather Conditions

*Tololo Weather Links .

Clear at 3:00 CLST

Observing Plan and Goals for the Night

  1. Afternoon calibrations script to use: prenight_calibration.json
  2. Start of night standards.
  3. Nightly out of focus image. script to use: defocus_nightly.json (right after last standard, no break)
  4. ObsTac.
  5. End of night standards.
  6. End of night calibrations. if start of night calibrations good use: postnight_calibration.json, otherwise use postnight_zeros_flats.json

Start of Night Standards MANUAL SLEW TO THESE FIELDS Wind screen down.
UT Date = '2013/11/29 00:16' Local time = 21:16
SDSSJ0320-0000 ra 03:20:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.8 script to use: DES_std_sdssj0320_Yzirg
SDSSJ2140-0000 ra 21:40:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.4 script to use: DES_std_sdssj2140_Yzirg
SDSSJ0000-0000 ra 00:00:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.2 script to use: DES_std_sdssj0000_Yzirg

End of Night Standards MANUAL SLEW TO THESE FIELDS Check Wind screen down.
UT Date = '2013/11/29 08:24' Local time = 05:24
C26202/HST ra 03:32:30 dec -27:46:05 secz 2.0 script to use: DES_std_c26202_grizY
SDSSJ1048-0000 ra 10:48:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.5 script to use: DES_std_sdssj1048_grizY
SDSSJ0843-0000 ra 08:43:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.2 script to use: DES_std_sdssj0843_grizY

Notes from 4pm Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving - Tololo refused to allow meeting.

  1. Hexapod has a workaround and no issues should be visible to users.
  2. Day work on dome encoders - checking replaced encoders

Camera and Telescope (Hernan/Kevin)
System1 was having issues. Could not reboot. Could not access /usr/bin or /sbin to reboot.
VNC showed ext4 fs errors. Power off button no response (error message). Reset.
Not detecting it's hard drive.

Telemetry Hardware
Accelerometer ready except small readout computer ($300). Mike will finish when he returns to work. May be after holidays
RTDs - need to look for 8 existing RTDs that are not deployed
Anemometer - OSU (near) done with SISPI integration.

Last Night
Community time - no issues reported.


Looks good at CTIO.
Expecting SN deadman triggers tonight after break may take most of night. Lots of moonless time.