Nightly Observing Plan for MJD 56605 (starting evening of Nov 08, 2013)


Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager SISPI Expert on Call
Yuanyuan Zhang Liz Buckley-Geer Marisa March

CTIO staff (Telescope Operators)

Day Support Night Assistant
Alberto Alvarez Leonardo Paredes

DECam Configuration and Setup

SISPI Configuration File DES.ini
Proposal ID 2012B-0001
Image Processing (Calibration) NCSA
Image Processing (First Cut) NCSA

mjd 56605, date 20131108, Site CTIO, UT-offset 3 hr
Current local time 14:56 CLST     UT 17:56     SidTim 16:26
Sunset     20:19 CLST  23:19 UT   SidTim  327 deg  
Eve. -10   20:57 CLST  23:57 UT   SidTim  337 deg  Zeropoint; standards
Eve. -14   21:18 CLST  00:18 UT   SidTim  342 deg  Begin obstac
Eve. -18   21:39 CLST  00:39 UT   SidTim  347 deg  Last chance standards
Moonset    01:18 CLST  04:18 UT   SidTim   42 deg  
Midpoint   01:27 CLST  04:27 UT   SidTim   44 deg  
Morn -18   05:14 CLST  08:14 UT   SidTim  101 deg  Begin astronomical twilight
Morn Std   05:35 CLST  08:35 UT   SidTim  106 deg  End obstac; begin standards
Morn -10   05:56 CLST  08:56 UT   SidTim  112 deg  
Sunrise    06:34 CLST  09:34 UT   SidTim  121 deg  
Moon position (deg): RA 303.1, Dec -13.9 Phase: 0.425

Weather Conditions

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Observing Plan and Goals for the Night

  1. Afternoon calibrations script to use: prenight_calibration.json
  2. Start of night standards
  3. ObsTac
  4. End of night standards
  5. End of night calibrations

Start of Night Standards
UT Date = '2013/11/08 23:57' Local time = 20:57
SDSSJ0200-0000 ra 02:00:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.9 script to use DES_std_sdssj0200_Yzirg.json
SDSSJ0100-0000 ra 01:00:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.5 script to use DES_std_sdssj0100_Yzirg.json
SDSSJ2300-0000 ra 23:00:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 1.2 script to use DES_std_sdssj2300_Yzirg.json

End of Night Standards
UT Date = '2013/11/09 08:35' Local time = 05:35
SDSSJ0320-0000 ra 03:20:00 dec +00:00:00 secz 2.1 script to use DES_std_sdssj0320_grizY.json
SDSSJ0958-0010 ra 09:58:00 dec -00:10:00 secz 1.6 script to use DES_std_sdssj0958_grizY.json
MaxVis ra 06:30:00 dec -58:45:00 secz 1.1 script to use DES_std_maxvis_grizY.json

Notes from the 4PM Meeting and Additional Comments:

Run Manager's Meeting 11/08/2013
Alberto, Manuel, Marisa, Eric, Yuanyuan, Liz, Steve, Douglas, Tom
Josh (lurking), Robert, Michael, Margaret

Telescope and Camera Status (Alberto)
Everything OK. Ready to start dome flats. During the day they
have been doing some pumping on the LN2 vacuum lines, with significant improvement
at the cryocoolers.

The M and C-floor cooling hasn't been operating at full efficiency this season. That is being
improved. One temperature sensor, previously temporarily located on the C-floor,
was relocated to FNAL in mid-October. That analog sensor is noisy at times.
Digital Temperature sensors are being moved to the cooling coils themselves.

Last Night's Data (Marisa and Liz)
Last night backplane 5 didn't readout at the start during bias frames. So
that's a PanD role restart. Maybe we need Telops take a few vsub off bias frames
to check this. Liz put details in the elog.

One stuck shutter error required a reset and a reconfigure.

Lots of decent WF data last night.

Every 5 or 10 minutes we get a warning beep about more than 7 degrees separation.
Maybe check domeaz vs telescope az after a long slew. Kentools can pull up the

DESDM (Margaret)
There was a problem ingesting the files from last night into the database.
One file is still missing. Greg is looking into that.

11/5 and 11/6 are both close to being done with DQ ready tomorrow.
That should be very interesting.

Obstac has two tweaks:
EN noticed that we've been doing a lot of tiling 2.
It hasn't been configured to do Y when the seeing was good. A few sections
of tiling 2 Y are close to getting near setting. So it goes to 2 but then
because the seeing is good it hasn't done the Y. That needs to be fixed right now.
This is the first time the weather has been good-enough to notice this bug.
Then When the Moon either rises or sets Obstac changes filters. Eric wants Obstac
to be able to go to be able to change to a new tiling.
The new code is checked-in and needs to be tagged and installed, then a SISPI restart.
Eric will declare it while the calibs are going on and SISPI will get a restart
when observers get back from dinner.

Weather looks good right now. Clouds in the S, as was so last night.
Eric expects Obstac will start with tiling 2 and then move to tiling 3 when the moon sets.
SK reports he looks at

4 PM Meeting is on for tomorrow.