SV Notes for MJD 56551 (starting evening of Sept 15, 2013)


Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager SISPI Expert on Call
Plazas Soumagnac MacCrann Honscheid / Eliot

DECam Configuration and Setup

SISPI Configuration File DES.ini
Proposal ID 2012B-0001
Image Processing (Calibration) NCSA
Image Processing (First Cut) NCSA

mjd 56551, date 20130915, Site CTIO, UT-offset 3 hr
Current local time 22:38 CLST     UT 01:38     SidTim 20:35
Sunset     19:42 CLST  22:42 UT   SidTim  265 deg  
Eve. -10   20:17 CLST  23:17 UT   SidTim  274 deg  Zeropoint; standards
Eve. -14   20:36 CLST  23:36 UT   SidTim  278 deg  Begin obstac
Eve. -18   20:54 CLST  23:54 UT   SidTim  283 deg  Last chance standards
Midpoint   01:38 CLST  04:38 UT   SidTim  354 deg  
Moonset    05:22 CLST  08:22 UT   SidTim   50 deg  
Morn -18   06:21 CLST  09:21 UT   SidTim   64 deg  Begin astronomical twilight
Morn Std   06:38 CLST  09:38 UT   SidTim   69 deg  End obstac; begin standards
Morn -10   06:58 CLST  09:58 UT   SidTim   74 deg  
Sunrise    07:33 CLST  10:33 UT   SidTim   82 deg  
Moon position (deg): RA 310.4, Dec -12.4 Phase: 0.749

h2. Weather Conditions 

*[[Tololo Weather Links]] Clear + cold

h2. Observing Plan and Goals for the Night

# Standard bias and dome flat sequence during afternoon.
# Dome open for temperature equilibration at earliest appropriate time

Prioritization for tonight's observations:
# Standard stars if photometric.
# Make sure obstac keeps filling queue and SISPI keeps loading exposures.
# Monitor pointing and offseting behavior during SN observations.
# Morning standards, if photometric

h2. Notes from the 4PM Meeting and Additional Comments:
# Monitor ObsTac.
Expect lots of y-band because the Moon is right in the face the first half
 of night. Later i and z, and SN fields if seeing is bad.