SV Notes for MJD 56548 (starting evening of Sept 12, 2013)


Observer 1 Observer 2 Run Manager SISPI Expert on Call
Eifler Sanchez Plazas Honscheid

DECam Configuration and Setup

SISPI Configuration File DES.ini
Proposal ID 2012B-0001
Image Processing (Calibration) NCSA
Image Processing (First Cut) NCSA

mjd 56548, date 20130912, Site CTIO, UT-offset 3 hr
Current local time 17:39 CLST     UT 20:39     SidTim 15:25
Sunset     19:41 CLST  22:41 UT   SidTim  262 deg  
Eve. -10   20:15 CLST  23:15 UT   SidTim  270 deg  Zeropoint; standards
Eve. -14   20:34 CLST  23:34 UT   SidTim  275 deg  Begin obstac
Eve. -18   20:53 CLST  23:53 UT   SidTim  280 deg  Last chance standards
Midpoint   01:39 CLST  04:39 UT   SidTim  351 deg  
Moonset    02:50 CLST  05:50 UT   SidTim    9 deg  
Morn -18   06:25 CLST  09:25 UT   SidTim   63 deg  Begin astronomical twilight
Morn Std   06:42 CLST  09:42 UT   SidTim   67 deg  End obstac; begin standards
Morn -10   07:02 CLST  10:02 UT   SidTim   72 deg  
Sunrise    07:37 CLST  10:37 UT   SidTim   80 deg  
Moon position (deg): RA 265.8, Dec -19.1 Phase: 0.513

Weather Conditions

*Tololo Weather Links Looks clear, might get cloudy after midnight.
h2. Observing Plan and Goals for the Night

  1. Standard bias and dome flat sequence during afternoon.
  2. Dome open for temperature equilibration at earliest appropriate time
Prioritization for tonight's observations:
  1. Standard stars if photometric.
  2. Make sure obstac keeps filling queue and SISPI keeps loading exposures.
  3. Monitor pointing and offseting behavior during SN observations.
  4. Morning standards, if photometric

Notes from the 4PM Meeting and Additional Comments:
  1. Check that flats look OK after shutter work performed today by Marco Bonati.
  2. Monitor SN offsets more closely.
  3. Monitor ObsTac.
  4. Check offsets of SN deep fields from the last few nights.
  5. Obstac notes most SN was done last night. C3 z-band could be triggered if seeing
    is bad. Moon will be up in the beginning, so if it's good seeing it's i & z. If bad, Y.
    If it finishes the SN and seeing is bad it will do g or Y or try something.