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Jessica Muir, 09/02/2017 01:16 PM


Nightly Observing Plan for MJD 57998 (starting evening of Sept 2, 2017)

DES has the entire night for observing


  • Jessie Muir (observer 2/Run manager)
  • William Wester (observer 1)

CTIO Staff

  • Hernán Tirado - Obs. Support
  • Claudio Aguilera - operator
  • Staff calendar


Weather Conditions

Observing Plan and Goals for the Night

  • Flat sequence. Nightly turn-on Vsub flush, bias, pointing.
  • ToO observations under 2017B-0110 to start at -12 deg twilight until the script of exposures stops near telescope secz limits.
  • no evening standards ... it could be these

  • ObsTac configured to help SN but realize our rising footprint is into a substantial moon
  • Morning standards (if clear) [ugrizY ordered scripts]:

Useful links

Nightsum | CTIO Night Report | DECam Logbook
Tololo Environmental Web Page | Detailed hourly forecast | Satellite maps

Notes from 4PM Meeting


Other Notes