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James Annis, 07/27/2017 11:28 PM

DES Figure Library


For archival purposes / if you are looking for older figures: Old Figure Library Wiki

Figure Library Policy

We have arrived at the following policy for adding figures:

  • During CWR the paper authors should select the figures from the paper that they think people will want to show and post them to the Figure Library. They should be posted wth the Preliminary tag.
  • People can also ask during CWR for figures to be posted. Please put a note at the top of the CWR comments page for the paper if you wish to request figures.
  • The pub board reader will check to see if the figures have been posted before signing off on the paper.
  • Once the paper is submitted then the tags should be updated to Public.
  • If a working group approves a figure to be shown at an intermediate stage of the analysis then this figure should be added to the library with the Preliminary tag. When the paper is submitted this figure should be replaced with the final one or if it has not changed then the tag should be updated to Public.

Please follow these instructions when adding a new figure to the library.

  1. Select New Entry from the left-hand menu. A new window will pop up.
  2. Select Figure details from the Form drop-down menu.
  3. Select Category from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Tag from the drop-down menu and click add. The Public tag is for figures that are in their final form and will appear in a published paper. The Preliminary tag means that the figure may be shown in public but is not in its final form. The Obsolete tag means this figure should no longer be shown because it has been replaced by a newer version.
  5. Check the box for Textile formatting. The Redmine-like syntax can be used in the Entry text box.
  6. Add Entry Subject. This should be a short description of the figure.
  7. Type or paste in a complete description of the figure into the Description box.
  8. Add a Credit. This could be the working group or the name of a person.
  9. Add a Contact email.
  10. Please provide a link to DocDB such as a publication or a talk. Add the link using the Redmine-style for URLS. Please use "DocDB nnnn" as the string.
  11. Please provide a link to the entry in the DES Publication Database if applicable. Add the link using the Redmine-style for URLS. Please use the following form as the string "DES-2017-0217".
  12. Please provide a link to the paper on arXiv if applicable. Add the link using the Redmine-style for URLS. Please use the following form as the string "arXiv:1512.06043"
  13. Attach the figure. This can be a single image in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG or GIF. In this case you should attach it as an image which will cause a thumbnail to be generated. If you have other files that are not images such as a movie then attach them as files. It could also be a tar file containing a set of figures from a paper. In that case your description should describe which figures are included. Tar files should be uploaded using the Attach files option.
  14. You should preview your entry before you post it to check that it is correct. Remember that once you have posted the entry it cannot be edited. You can however add a comment to an existing entry if you need to.
  15. Hit Post

Additional Instructions for Working Group Chairs

Working group chairs have the ability to administer figures in their working group.

To edit an entry, click on the entry to expand it. Then click on the entry ID link to open the entry and then click on the edit metadata link.
You have the following options available:

  • You can move a figure between categories. Select the new category from the drop-down menu and hit the Move button
  • You can modify the Subject. Type in the new subject and hit the Update button.
  • You can edit the tags. You can change the tag to Obsolete to indicate that the figure should not be used anymore. You can also select the hide__t tag to completely hide an entry from view. Select the new tag from the drop-down menu and hit the add button. Use the x next to the tag name to remove the tag you no longer want. After you are done hit the Update tags button.

Searching for Figures

There are a number of Quick Searches already defined. More can be added via the Search form and can be made available to all users when the for all users button is checked while saving a search. Otherwise they are just available to the person who defined them. More detailed searches can be carried out using the Search form. To search for text in the body of an entry use the Has text entry box. You can limit the search to only the Entry Subject by selecting the button that says Search ONLY in entry subject.