Redmine Wiki Formatting Reference

Tips for using the fermi-redmine wiki

List of installed plug-ins

Editing a page

After editing and saving a given page, do not use the "back" button to return to the editing procedure. Click on "edit" instead.

Uploading Attachments

Attachments are uploaded at the bottom of the wiki page, where it says "Add file".
Note that there is a 200MB size limit for attachments.
To use an attachment in the text, use, without quotes, "attachment:filename.ext", where "filename.ext" is the full name of the attachment.
It is possible to make a direct hyperlink to an attachment, but doing that is not recommended.

Creating a table of contents

Creating a sidebar

1. Copy the wiki code from here:
and paste it here:

This creates a sidebar similar to the one on the PmWiki

After the Sidebar page is created, can be

2. Go here:
and change the Start page from "Wiki" to "HomePage"

After the Start page is changed, can be deleted.

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