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Alex Drlica-Wagner, 10/22/2019 11:22 AM

DES Chicagoland Meetings

The DES Chicagoland Meetings are a series of 1-day meetings organized by early career scientists at Fermilab, U Chicago, Argonne and UIUC. Meetings are held about once every 6 months.
This page contains useful information for organizers and participants. The goals of this meeting are:

  1. To get to know your local colleagues
  2. To foster collaboration across the Chicagoland institutions
  3. To provide a venue for early career scientists to present results.

Mailing list:

Upcoming meeting:

  • 7th Chicagoland Meeting - April ??, 2019 @ Fermilab
    Program and Registration: TBD

Past meetings:

  • 1st DES Chicagoland Meeting - Dec 9, 2014 @ Argonne