2012 Biennial Review of DES Members and Participants


The DES Membership policy mandates a review of members and participants every two years. The relevant section of the Membership Policy reads as follows:

  1. The Membership Committee will review each member and participant every two years. The Chair will write to each member, participant and External Collaborator to verify that he or she wishes to continue to participate in DES. The biennial review is a self-assessment for all members who have contributed one FTE year to the DES Infrastructure Tasks. It aims to encourage inactive members to either become more active, or to resign from the collaboration. DES members and participants who have allowed their participation in DES to lapse are eligible to re-apply to join the Collaboration. The second purpose of the biennial review is to review the contributions of members who have made a commitment to contribute one FTE year to the DES Infrastructure Tasks but have not fulfilled that commitment. The Membership Committee will review the extent to which members and External Collaborators have carried out the commitments that they made to DES infrastructure tasks when they were admitted to the Collaboration. The third purpose is to review the status of participants since the status of post docs is and students is expected to change on a two year time scale.
  2. The Membership Committee will only recommend a change in the status of a member, External Collaborator, or a participant following the biennial review when it deems the change to be appropriate. Prior to making a formal recommendation to the Management Committee the Chair of the Membership Committee will discuss the recommendation with the scientist’s institutional representative on the Management Committee. The Committee is expected to pay special attention to the commitments made by Members when they were Provisional Members. When the Committee recommends a change in status of a scientist the recommendation will be reviewed by the Management Committee and it will make the final decision on the status. The Chair of the Membership Committee will provide the Management Committee an updated list of members and participants on a quarterly basis.

Implementation in 2012

  • Records of DES members and participants are kept in the DES Membership Database. Log in using the usual DES username and password.
  • All DES collaborators should check the database to see if their entry a) exists, and b) is complete and accurate. Please notify your Institutional Representative if you wish to make changes. In particular, please make sure that the description of your past and planned activities is accurate.
  • DES Institutional Representatives have been given write access to the database and can make any necessary updates, additions, or deletions.
  • Each DES Institutional Representative is responsible for making sure that the list of members and participants at his or her institution is complete and accurate.
  • The deadline for completing this year's biennial review is January 15, 2013.
  • Please contact the Chair of the Membership Committee, David Gerdes () with any questions or concerns.