Setup a FNAL IP Address

These instructions will allow you to access the DES electronic logbook at CTIO.

These have been provided by Huan. He uses a MAC. However the instructions
for Firefox should work on other platforms but you will obviously need a
terminal client capable of kerberised ssh.

On a Mac (with Firefox), go to

Firefox -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings

Switch from "No proxy" to "Manual proxy configuration".
In "SOCKS Host" put in "localhost" and on the same line put "9999"
for "Port". Also select "SOCKS v5" and it should say
"localhost," in the "No Proxy for" box.
Exit Firefox and then ssh into one of the des machines, say des30,

ssh -D 9999

Then restart Firefox and go to the DES logbook.
To undo the above, exit from des30, switch back to "No proxy"
in the Firefox settings and then restart Firefox.