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Tololo Facilities

  • Coffee - absolutely essential for the success of SV
    Bring (ground) coffee from La Serena or the US (you need to declare it when entering Chile)
    • half-pound/person/week (or more!)
    • Think about bringing your own mug.
  • Conference Room
    We will use the SV readytalk line for the daily 4 PM meetings. The speaker phone in the conference room can be used to call the US phone number.
    • Once a day, you reset the login to get an outside line (press RH button until you see login on the screen, then dial 5414 ie 5+extension number) OR use skype as-if you are in US (readytalk is toll free on the mountain)
    • Call the readytalk line: 001 866 740 1260 (no 001 if on skype)
    • Passcode: 7691719 followed by #

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