SVA1 Gold 1.0.2a with MAG_AUTO Recalibration

Following on the apparent differences between the SLR calibration using MAG_AUTO and MAG_PSF measurements of stars detailed in this post:
SLR corrections for MAG_PSF and MAG_AUTO, I (Eli) have turned the MAG_AUTO calibration into new "Gold-like" catalogs which are linked below. All the magnitudes are produced, but for these catalogs the MAG_AUTO catalog is the most interesting. Star/galaxy classification is still modest_class, etc, etc.

The Fine Print

  • The SLR calibration was run on a 4x coarser NSIDE=128 grid rather than Keith's v6 recalibration with NSIDE=256. I'm hoping this doesn't make a big difference, but it may at the boundaries. (The coarse grid is easier because no pixels fail to fit...)
  • Keith's slr_zeropoint_shiftmap code was used, which includes bilinear interpolation between pixels. The exact shift value is recorded in the basic catalog below (as with Gold).
  • SLR calibration was not performed on the COSMOS field. Keith needed to handle this specially because of the lack of 2MASS comparison stars (they were all saturated in the long-exposure SE imaging.) However, some offset values were inferred by the code...I need to investigate this. Do not trust the COSMOS Field
  • Do not trust the COSMOS Field at RA=150, Dec=2
  • Note that due to differences in the MAG_AUTO and MAG_PSF definitions, there are not only color shifts between Gold 1.0.2 and 1.0.2a, but there are overall magnitude shifts of up to ~0.05 mag. The depth maps have not been updated for this offset. At the moment, I'm just hoping this isn't vital for testing.


Basic Catalog File
Aper_3 (1.5 arcsec)
Aper_4 (2.0 arcsec)
Spread model
Good Field Map

SLR Calibration Files

The SLR file attached can be used with Keith's slr_zeropoint_shiftmap code. However, line 36 in that code needs to be altered from:

                if 'n_' not in filter:

                if 'n_' not in filter and 'N_' not in filter:

Or, just use the shift values for each object by COADD_OBJECT_ID in the basic file above!