SVA1 Catalog Punch List

Stuff that needs to get done. Plans and summary...

Goal: a value-added catalog with the following components (distributed as flat file at first?):

(Nacho: an example on how we started doing this at LSS, either to follow or avoid, is at see LSS value added catalogs).

  1. Decent galaxy selection (either 0/1 star/gal or probabilities)
  2. Cleaned of junk objects
  3. Over a reasonably defined footprint with reasonably decent (TBD) griz (TBD) imaging
  4. Including bad regions (airplanes, R Doradus) masked out
  5. Photometry fixed with SLR

Plus, for the mask:

  1. A healpix mangle mask at fine enough scale to capture chip gaps
  2. An additional mask describing the bad regions taken out with the cleaning
  3. A mapping of mangle mask values to relevant magnitude values (DETMODEL, MODEL, AUTO magnitudes)

Star/Galaxy Separation

Can we use a quick-and-dirty (e.g. the modest proposal)? (Available now, 12/5/13). Or must we wait for our S/G challenge or other more sophisticated algorithm.

Color Calibration

We are going to use SLR. Bob's works pretty well, but leaves small-scale variations (from e.g. dust) in place. Keith's should take care of this. What more needs to be done here?

Cleaning of Junk Objects

Eli has this pretty much under control. When we decide to press forward with a star/galaxy separation algorithm (at least in the mid-term) I can generate healpix maps with the bad regions in short order.


What criteria? We can use the pixelized mangle mask to choose good regions. We need a minimum depth for griz (+Y? This excludes SN regions...). One limitation is that the mangle masks still aren't done as of 12/4/13.

The footprint will be combined with the bad region mask.

Mangle Masks

We are still waiting for mangle masks on some SN fields + COSMOS. It would also be good to have pixelized masks with averages (over good regions) rather than just the central pixel. But this is a bit of a challenge...

Mangle -> Magnitudes

Eli has a way of doing this mapping using Boris' systematics maps. Thus MAG_AUTO, MAG_MODEL, and MAG_DETMODEL pixelized maps can be generated fairly quickly from the mangle masks.