SNWG detection algorithm has been run on difference images, and photometry and classification algorithms run for detections. Results demonstrate all of the following:

a. Chi-squared per pixel less than 1.2 (goal 1) for the subtracted images.
b. Detection efficiency of 50% at magnitude 23.5 as indicated by “fake” SN inserted into the DESDM image subtraction pipeline.
c. Fewer than 5000 SN candidates entered into the SN candidate database after processing the 2nd observation of all 10 SN fields.
d. Selection of fewer than 1000 SN candidates by the SN typing code (PSNID) as potential type Ia SN suitable for spectroscopic follow-up.
e. At least 5 candidates must be consistent with SNIa at redshifts z>0.5.


A second visit to the SN fields and processing by DESDM.


Run the standard DESDM SN pipeline and check the results. Run the PSNID program (SNWG responsibility) and check the results. Iterate using development code (with DESDM or at FNAL) as necessary to achieve the desired results.


We will not be able to conduct the real-time SN survey until this goal is met although we can probably manage temporarily with somewhat higher false positive rates.