R-20: For the wide-area survey, the residual mean whisker length for stars on scales of 10 arcmin to 1 degree, after removal of a static component
(i.e., the same for all exposures) and a bilinear fit in (x,y) per exposure, should be below 0.06" in r, i, and z bands.


F/A system operational.
Star finder code (either from Quick Reduce, Data Management, or custom).
Analysis code.


Obtain survey-quality data in 10 r and 10 i frames at various orientations in the sky with airmass < 1.5 in fields of low galatic latitude (TBD).
Identify stars. Compute second moments using simple code (don't demand weak lensing code be running).
Make bilinear fits per CCD and subtract. Compute a median average over 10 frames to construct a "static pattern" and subtract. Compute rms, excluding outliers.


RMS < 0.06 arcsec


This test may fail due to causes that can be "fixed in software" - e.g., the static pattern may need to be computed from the optical design instead of from the data.
Thus, failing the test initially may simply mean more work in software.