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Stephen Kent, 07/23/2012 09:40 AM

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h1. PSF-G1
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Telescope alignment errors / aberrations inferred from field dependence of moments of PSF on science array agree with those inferred from donut data, to within ??? waves of wavefront error.
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h2. Prerequisites
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Static LUT for alignment has been installed and is being applied.  F/A donuts are being analyzed, but alignment tweaks need not yet be implemented.  Results of F/A analysis are stored in database or equivalent.  Focus loop is implemented and working.  (One MIGHT be able to do this test with open-loop focus adjustments, but not sure.)
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h2. Procedure
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This test can be performed using science data alone.  Science data must be taken in good seeing (FWHM < 1.2" ???).  One computes moments of stars on all science CCDs and uses the
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patterns to derive a misalignment (including defocus).  The numbers are compared with those derived from F/A donuts.
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h2. Verdict
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The numbers agree at the same level that BCAM and donut data should agree (translation within 200 microns; tilts and defocus to some equivalent values).
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h2. Consequences
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This test is intended to determine what is possible using the pattern of PSF shapes.  It is possible that one cannot derive a non-degenerate solution.