Operational Readiness Ops-R4, Ops-R6

Establish nightly observing procedures
Observer training material is complete


  • The (nightly) task list for observers will be documented.
  • An observer's guide and other documentation will be written.
    • SISPI user guide
    • Call/Contact list
    • Instructions and "how-to" documentation in case of alarms, failures or other incidents
  • Data quality assurance and monitoring tasks will be defined (instructions, check lists).
    • The list of online plots to be viewed regularly using the Telemetry Viewer GUI is defined.
    • The tests to be performed using image data on the observer workstation (observer2) are defined.
    • The tests to be performed using QR results are defined.
  • Electronic log book procedures and check lists will be completed.


The effectiveness of these procedures will be assessed at the end of SV during a full night (half) night observing run.


Incomplete documentation and procedures will affect survey efficiency and uniformity.