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Science Verification

Science Verification provides an end-to-end test of all the systems needed to actually conduct the survey, both on the mountain and elsewhere. Successfully passing the formal acceptance requirements is a necessary condition for DES to begin (along with corresponding acceptance tests of DES DM and the Community Pipeline).

SV Squad Organization

SV Job Fair

SV Results

Issues currently being worked:

SV Work Areas

SV Operations

SV Requirements and Goals

Resources needed for Req/goals. Make a new page for each Req/goal and link it here. (OK to combine similar req/goals onto one resource page).

SV Software

SV will use a stand-alone version of the DES DM software stack. Work is going on at Fermilab to package the software for easy distribution for use not only at CTIO but also machines at the home institutions of SV Squad members.
Robert and his team at NCSA are currently working on version 7.0 of the stack which we plan to use for both DC7 and science verification. Brian and his team at Fermilab have successfully compiled version 6.3.2 under RHEL/SL 6 and 64 bits. An intermediate version - the postgres branch of the svn repository - has been compiled at OSU.

A manifest of codes (beyond the DM pipeline) needed to execute SV - plus the ones we will provide for Commissioning - is now posted as docdb-6629. Please help complete this spreadsheet with codes you have written or will need to write.

SV Documentation

SV related documents under development.

  • DES Science Verification Plan - current version 0.04 now kept as (docdb-6549)
    • Enter any comments on this document on SV Plan Comments
    • Older version 0.03 linked at bottom of this page.
  • SV Software Manifest: docdb-6629.
    • Please keep this updated by editing the Excel on docdb and posting new versions there.
  • Science Requirements Traceback - now kept at (docdb-6550)
    • Version 0.1 linked at bottom of this page
  • SV Observation Plan

Additional Information and Documents:

  • commissioning
    • DECam commissioning plan: (docDB #3734). This document lays out the protocols, tasks, and schedule to accomplish commissioning of the DECam instrument and support systems on the CTIO Blanco telescope.
  • observing and science verification
    • DES proposal to NOAO Semester 2012B (docdb #6261)
    • DES science verification description submitted to NOAO in April 2012 docdb #6255
  • requirements
    • The DES Science Requirements Document (docDB #20)
  • calibration
  • desdm
    • DESDM deliverables in Commissioning and Science Verification (docDB #6340)
    • Input calibration files for DESDM- surely obtaining, characterizing, and understanding these are a core part of science verification. (docDB#6512)
    • Data Processing Overview
  • science working groups
    • Preliminary plan outlining verification and validation tests for the large scale structure group from Stanford (!!!) collaboration meeting (docDB #3945). The latest version (though outdated too) describing DC6B tests and some ideas for SV is in (docDB #4497).
    • Data quality tests that can be run on real survey data to verify Cluster data quality requirements: (docDB #6462)
    • Photo-z Working Group Acceptance Testing for DC6B (docDB #4914)
  • Texas Collaboration Meeting Agendae

Observations: Locations of 1st year fields

West SPT Deep field: 
     −17 ≤ra≤ 2 −58 ≤dec≤ −49        10 tilings, skip if SV stars after Nov 7
Spectroscopic Training field: 
    14 ≤ra≤ 40 −7 ≤dec≤ 3                10 tilings, skip if SV stars after Dec 7
Maximum Visibility field: 
    65 ≤ra≤ 90 −58 ≤dec≤ −48          10 tilings, skip if SV stars after Dec 14, or Dec 21, or... then go to Cosmos/Mini Survey
SPT Main Survey area:
     20 ≤ra≤ 105 −65 ≤dec≤ −40        2 tilings, use extra time to get, so area observed drops as SV starts later

DES Components

Science Working Groups

DES Operations

  • DECam Operations
    We are fine-tuned this page during year zero. Soon there will be a DES specific page so that DECam User's don't get caught up in DES-only procedures.
  • DES Operations