Mask Resource Needs

Number/name of Requirement or Goal:

Mask 1-4 (following the numbering of the Requirements and Goals wiki page)

DECam observations

  • Field(s) to observe:
    all science fields with no anomalous noise sources (single-epoch, coadd)
  • Number, duration of exposures per filter:
    single-epoch and coadd, to check Mangle mask generation in both cases
  • Dithering / tiling pattern:
    as in main survey
  • Sky conditions needed (seeing, photometric, moon phase, etc:):
    as typical for main survey
  • Other timing constraints:

Data processing needs

Which of the following products would you need to conduct the test:

  • Single-exposure object catalogs? Yes
    • with astrometric solution accurate to: not needed
    • and photometric zeropoint accurate to: <5%
    • Only need bright stars, or also want galaxy magnitudes? MAG_APER (2 arcsec-radius), MAGERR_APER for all objects
  • Catalogs from coadds? Yes
    • with photometric zeropoint (and/or colors) accurate to: depends on requirements S/G separation code
  • Other: Mangle mask, ideally automatically generated by DESDM

Telescope or other engineering data

External data sets

None needed.

Codes and scripts for analysing the test data

Mangle tools, python, topcat.


Are there real-time decisions to be made during the observations? no

How quickly can / must the data be available and analysed? not urgent (it's a goal, not a requirement)

Who will do it, and where? Anybody, anywhere (but Nacho volunteers)

Other important resources or things to note